Willy Northpole is back with a New Album and Team after departing from Def Jam

Willy Northpole “Broadway Theatre” pre-orders out now

Arizona Legend Willy Northpole is making a comeback after a 15 year hiatus

Working with Willy on Broadway Theatre has been one of the highlights of my career so far.”

— Bag of Tricks Cat

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Southside Arizona emcee Willy Northpole made waves fifteen years ago with his debut album “Tha Connect,” released through Major Label Disturbing The Peace / Def Jam. Hype surrounding Northpole lead to features with industry heavyweights like Ne-Yo, B.o.B, and Ludacris, which earned him Gold Status. Now, as the music scene evolves, Willy embarks on a new journey, announcing the pre-order launch for his highly anticipated follow-up album, “Broadway Theatre,” and his alignment with Alpha Howse, a new innovative creative collective empowering independent artists owned by Whitney Peyton. “Willy is not just an incredible rapper,” states Peyton. “He possesses a charisma that commands attention whenever he enters a room.”

“Working with Willy on Broadway Theatre has been one of the highlights of my career so far,” states Bag of Tricks Cat, who mixed the album. “He’s a legend in Arizona, and was somebody I looked up to when I started my journey in the music industry. I believe we’ve crafted a classic that everyone will be proud of when they hear it.”

Pre-orders and exclusive merchandise for “Broadway Theatre” are available now on AlphaHowse.com

While the album is slated for release on 8.16.24, fans can expect a series of digital singles leading up to its launch.

**Broadway Theatre Tracklisting:**

1. Broadway Theatre (Prod by K-R.O.K)

2. Dear Young Willy (Prod by Lost Perception)

3. PG (Prod By Young Onassis & This Just In)

4. Rearrange ft. Bigshot (Prod by Vodka Gravas)

5. One Car ft. K. Dinner (Prod by Duecey Straight Raw)

6. Blue Balls (Prod by K-R.O.K)

7. Citizen (Prod by Vodka Gravas)

8. Cook ft. Whitney Peyton, Bag of Tricks Cat, and Astray (Prod. By D. Carter)

9. Cosmic Highway (Prod by Vodka Gravas)

10. Chocolate Cholo ft. Glasses Malone (Prod by Falak)

Executive Produced by: Willy Northpole, Bag of Tricks Cat, and Whitney Peyton

Mixed By: Michael “Bag of Tricks Cat” Gamarano at Handcrafted Studios / Alpha Howse HQ

Mastered by: Brian Gigerich at Handcrafted Studios

Alpha Howse founder Whitney Peyton, known for her own Billboard charting albums, extensive touring history, and multiple record deals brings her expertise to the forefront. Embracing a grassroots mentality, Peyton aims to revive the old-school camaraderie seen in hip hop crews like “Terror Squad” or “Slaughterhouse” while adapting to the modern climate of music. Initially established as a platform for Peyton’s own music when she transitioned back to being independent during the pandemic, the label maintained a low-key presence while experimenting with Direct-to-Fans release strategies on projects for notable artists such as “Bag of Tricks Cat” and “Gina Fritz”, both of which charted on Billboard. Alpha Howse has since evolved into a multifaceted company, offering project management, merch fulfillment, and distribution services. With confidence in its expansion, Alpha Howse is excited to welcome former major label juggernauts like Willy Northpole (DTP) and Astray (Shady Music Publishing) into its fold.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of something more, a team of creatives that all help each other out! There’s no bad blood between any of us and our former labels,” Peyton remarks. “All the artists on Alpha Howse bring years of acquired knowledge and skill, combined with the accessibility of cost-effective resources for artists today. It just makes sense to bring it all together and do things ourselves.”

Whitney Peyton with the support of trusted collaborator Bag of Tricks Cat and recent assistance from D Ellis of “To The Top”, make up this small team which has shouldered the workload typically managed by a large staff at a major company. In addition to releasing music, Alpha Howse has embarked on several new in-house ventures, including a clothing line, an annual music festival named “Howl-O-ween”, the “Frame of Rhyme” Podcast (hosted by KMRN), and a range of artist services such as beat sales, remote music mixing, video production and editing (by D Ellis with D. Carter), and more.

Willy Northpole – “Broadway Theatre” coming 8.16.24


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