New Insightful Historical Biblical Fiction by Dr. Bill Senyard

New Biblical Historical Fiction The Rabboni

What Happened to Matthew after The Chosen? Dr. Bill Senyard’s The Rabboni: The Lost Mission Journals of St. Matthew

Jesus’ words on that hillside are so radical and contradictory to the core values of Rome and Jerusalem, it is surprising he wasn’t killed on the spot.”

— Dr. Bill Senyard

GOLDEN, CO, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2024 / — Pastor and Biblical scholar, Dr. Bill Senyard’s latest historical fiction, “The Rabboni: The Lost Mission Journals of St. Matthew,” begins 40 years after Jesus’ life and death, a handful of years after Matthew published his biography of Jesus and Rome destroyed the Temple.

This novel depicts the long-lost journals of the Apostle Matthew. He and a colorful team of men and women followed the dangerous missionary charge of Jesus to go into all the world—in their case, Ethiopia—and preach the Gospel.

Matthew’s team—comprised of a recovering opium addict, a shamed African princess, a freed Roman slave, and even a former member of the Sanhedrin who was present the evening Jesus was condemned to die—exhibits a striking testimony to the saving grace of their Lord.

Matthew is surprised that of all the things he penned, it is Jesus’ signature message on the hillside in Galilee that most captured the interest of unbelievers and stirred up much misinformation among his followers. Dr. Bill observes, “Jesus’ words on that hillside are so radical and contradictory to the core values of Rome and Jerusalem, it is surprising he wasn’t killed on the spot.”

Narratively, The Rabboni is structured around a new, groundbreaking exposition of the Sermon on the Mount by a recognized biblical scholar. It shines new light on the consequential incense wars between the Nabateans and Rome, the ongoing animosity between Galilee and Judea, the historically under-reported behind-the-scenes story of the turbulent last years of Jerusalem, and so much more.
• Have you wondered what John’s baptism was all about?
• What was the relationship between the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and the Zealots?
• What did Jesus mean when he said, “Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven?” (Matt 5:3)
• Do you know why Judaism escaped total obliteration?

Here’s what some are saying:

“The Rabboni is a captivating journey through history, offering a compelling blend of biblical scholarship and storytelling that will resonate very well with readers interested in the early Christian era.” Award Winning Author, K.C. Finn

“I was deeply touched by the book, moved to tears. It renewed the Sermon on the Mount for me and brought out Jesus’ sense of humor.” W. Elston
The Rabboni has received Reader’s Favorite 5-star coveted review for Biblical Historic Fiction.

Those interested in the history of the Jews and early Christians in the first century CE, will benefit from The Rabboni.

Dr. Bill Senyard’s book “The Rabboni: The Lost Mission Journals of St. Matthew” is available on Amazon, Kindle, and

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