“ANNIK &” Unisex, Sustainable, Stylish Footwear for the Whole Family

ANNIK & Chef Gina Rangel and Daughters with on of the Mother and Daughters style

ANNIK & Actor Rodrigo “Roca” Cuevas for ANNIK & on a casual sport look

ANNIK & Actor Rodrigo “Roca” Cuevas for ANNIK &

ANNIK & Stand Up Comedian Monica Escobedo wearing ANNIK & designs

ANNIK & Stand Up Comedian Monica Escobedo wearing ANNIK & designs

ANNIK & Keyla Wood actress wearing the sport line of ANNIK &

ANNIK & Keyla Wood actress wearing the sport line of ANNIK &

ANNIK & Diego Barrios TV Presentor and Personality wearing casual loafers

ANNIK & Diego Barrios TV Presentor and Personality wearing casual loafers

ANNIK & is a trailblazing brand known for its inclusive and unisex approach to footwear.

It brings me immense joy to craft a footwear line rooted in sustainability, featuring exquisite designs tailored for everyday life.”

— -Annik Siranosian CEO Grupo Sider

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — With an emphasis on sustainability, they craft designs using recycled, renewable, and vegan materials. These creations are not just comfortable and modern, but also eco-friendly, making them a perfect fit for daily life. Affordable and accessible, ANNIK & strives to bring fashion, comfort, and conscientious design to a wide audience.

ANNIK & has been a pioneer in creating a Collection of flats for every ocasión and a “Mother-Daughter” footwear collection for over a decade, evolving to meet the needs of changing times. Offering more than 100 designs, these flats come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, all crafted with love for both consumers and the planet. Vegan and renewable materials are used throughout the production process, resulting in a shoe that offers instant comfort from the moment you slip it on.

These versatile, unisex flip flops are a staple of the ANNIK & brand. Suitable for year-round wear, they come in over 30 colors and stylish prints, providing options for every taste and preference.

They have a collection of Trendsetting Tennis Shoes Created with vegan materials, these ultra-light and ergonomic tennis shoes are designed for long-lasting comfort. Available in more than 50 designs and colors, they cater to diverse tastes, from classic solid colors to original animal prints.

ANNIK & new line of Chic and Eco-Friendly Slippers combines comfort, style, and conscientious design. From the ultra-light and plush Corazonzote Puffy Sleepers, designed in the shape of a heart for ultimate comfort, to other fun and functional options, these slippers redefine relaxation at home.

Their special designs from the Mariposita flats with butterfly springs for added comfort and safety in the girls’ version, to the CELINA flats made with cactus leather and recycled soles, ANNIK & offers unique, standout designs.

ANNIK &’s footprint extends across Latin America and the United States through online sales enforcing their International Presence. Their commitment to sustainability and affordability has not only made them a go-to brand for individual consumers but also positioned them as a trusted manufacturer for numerous re-labeling partnerships in various countries.

ANNIK & has garnered acclaim and recognition on an international scale, thanks to its association with renowned celebrities who proudly endorse the brand. Esteemed figures like Mariana Ochoa, Keyla Wood, Monica Escobedo, Diego Barios, Rodrigo “Roca” Cuevas, Mini Albertano, among many others, have embraced ANNIK &’s unisex, sustainable designs. These influential personalities serve as brand ambassadors, embodying the values of inclusivity, style, and environmental consciousness that Annik & represents

ANNIK &’s dedication to crafting inclusive, sustainable, and stylish footwear has solidified its position as an influential brand. With a wide range of designs suitable for the entire family, they continue to lead the way in fashion-forward, eco-conscious footwear. ANNIK & not only stands as a distinguished brand in the industry, but also operates as a prominent manufacturer of footwear from Latin America. This dual identity underscores its dedication to delivering superior quality products directly from its own production facilities.


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