Paul P. Phimasone Reaches Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Success In Any Economy,” Co-Authored with Brian Tracy

Best Selling Author – Paul P. Phimasone

WINCHESTER, VA, USA, October 18, 2023 / — Paul P. Phimasone has achieved a remarkable feat with his latest book, “Success In Any Economy,” co-authored with the esteemed Brian Tracy, making Amazon’s best-seller list. This impactful publication, brought to readers by CelebrityPress®, made its debut on October 12, 2023, capturing the essence of success in any economic climate.

Upon its release, “Success In Any Economy” made waves in the literary world. Solidifying its place as a top resource in multiple categories, and propelling to the forefront of Amazon’s Best Sellers list. This dynamic book has soared to #7 in the Direct Marketing category, #12 in the Sales & Selling category, and #36 in Entrepreneurship. As a testament to its exceptional value and wide-ranging appeal, “Success In Any Economy” continues to inspire individuals and businesses in today’s ever-evolving economic landscape.

At the heart of this book is Paul’s inspiring chapter, “The Impossible Dream.” Through his personal experiences and unwavering commitment, Paul offers readers a powerful reminder of the importance of persistence, passion, and never giving up.

Meet Paul P. Phimasone:

Paul P. Phimasone is an Asian American, born in Laos, a landlocked country in South East Asia. With over two decades of experience in the software and hardware industries, Paul is an accomplished tech entrepreneur.

From a young age, Paul’s curiosity and passion for learning led him to remarkable feats. He and his classmate built an AM Broadcasting station, “Radio 1966,” using old radio tubes and electronics salvage parts. He invented an intercom using a strand of tiny wire connecting two speakers without the need for batteries. Paul also constructed a small rocket from discarded aluminum tubes and black powders and fashioned an airplane propeller from carved 2 by 4 lighter wood.

Paul’s drive for success extends to helping others achieve their goals. His lifelong lesson from his father emphasizes the importance of persistence, passion, and maintaining a positive outlook.

When not immersed in his work, Paul enjoys activities that nourish his soul. He finds solace in walking, swimming, and listening to epic music. His passion for exotic plants and herbs comes to life in his garden, where he tends to them with care. With fluency in five languages, Paul is a true global citizen.

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