Understanding the Impact of GirlsWithGoalsAndBankrolls on Women’s Empowerment

Breonna Harris Founder – GirlsWithGoalsAndBankrolls

Breonna Harris

Breonna Harris

A Practical Approach to Goal-Oriented Planning with GirlsWithGoalsAndBankrolls’ Dateless Planners

Get into being a goal digger with our signature dateless planners”

— Breonna Harris

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — GirlsWithGoalsAndBankrolls, founded by Breonna Harris, provides Dateless Planners designed to assist women in their goal-setting journey. The company’s objective is to provide support for women in their goal-setting journey through a planning approach that goes beyond traditional scheduling, offering a versatile tool with multifaceted features.

Breonna’s journey started with a childhood passion for organizing thoughts, evolving into a lifelong commitment to organization and creativity. Two years ago, she recognized the need for a more personalized planning tool, leading to the creation of the Dateless Planner.

GirlsWithGoalsAndBankrolls centers its mission on assisting women in achieving their aspirations. The Dateless Planner functions not only as a scheduling tool but also as a comprehensive resource, empowering women to plan their weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. The incorporation of a vision board underscores Harris’s dedication to nurturing creativity alongside organizational aspects.

The Dateless Planner offers a range of functionalities beyond personal scheduling. It serves as a tool for supporting various aspects, including business activities, social media content planning, and financial management. This encompasses the tracking of monthly bills, expenditures, and credit. Additionally, the planner incorporates a savings challenge and includes a vendor list with over 200 entries, offering valuable resources for women interested in exploring entrepreneurial opportunities.

Breonna’s inspiration for launching the business traces back to a childhood habit of recording ideas, which later evolved into both an organizational and creative outlet. Her personal quote, “Get into being a goal digger with our signature dateless planners,” succinctly captures the brand’s empowerment goals, encouraging individuals to actively pursue their aspirations. It mirrors the brand’s dedication to cultivating a community of goal-driven individuals.

GirlsWithGoalsAndBankrolls goes beyond offering a planner by providing a supportive community and a toolkit intended to assist individuals in reaching their personal and professional goals. Harris’s involvement extends beyond being a business owner; she plays a pioneering role in reshaping the narrative of women’s goal-setting. The Dateless Planner is portrayed not solely as a product but as a facilitator of transformation and success, poised to empower women as they take control of their lives.

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