Independent Press Award® is set to feature Kara’s Dreams by author Ritu Anand in NYC Times Square on December 20, 2023.

Kara’s Dreams As Seen In NYC Times Square

Author Ritu Anand

Author Ritu Anand

2023 IPA Distinguished Favorite Banner

2023 IPA Distinguished Favorite Banner

Kara's Dreams by Ritu Anand

Kara’s Dreams by Ritu Anand

2023 IPA Distinguished Favorite

2023 IPA Distinguished Favorite

Award-winning author Ritu Anand’s debut children’s book Kara’s Dreams will be on full display for theatregoers in NYC Times Square.

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — Kara’s Dreams by Ritu Anand, an Independent Press Award 2023 Distinguished Favorite in the category of Picture Books – All Ages, is being displayed in the heart of New York City Times Square on December 20th.

The program, curated by publisher Ted Olczak of the “INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD and NYC BIG BOOK AWARD” magazine, is a celebration of literary excellence that will showcase Ritu Anand and 34 other distinguished authors’ work to the world.

From 12:01am to 11 pm on December 20th, each hour will feature six minutes of content from these award-winning authors. The strategically placed billboard on Broadway, just north of 46th Street, promises unprecedented exposure for these literary talents.

Mr. Olczak shared his inspiration for this initiative in this month’s magazine publisher’s letter, writing, “I thought about those supporting literacy and the arts. This year, I decided to celebrate 35 authors as they chose to be featured on a billboard by the TKTS Broadway ticket booth in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. I thought when I am purchasing a book, I’m not just giving a gift; I’m also supporting authors, illustrators, publishers, and the entire literary community. In my own small way, I’m also promoting literacy and helping to ensure that books remain accessible to everyone.”

Kara’s Dreams Book Review

“Utilizing lyrical language, Anand offers a lovely, thought-provoking sentiment about appreciating one’s surroundings and persevering through unpredictable, scary circumstances. Kara’s realizations and spirit will inspire readers facing challenges in their own lives. Redwood’s lush, pleasant illustrations portray expressive, anthropomorphic trees and beautiful forest backdrops in mostly dark hues. Some feature artistic details like human figures swirling in the sky. An engaging nature tale that emphasizes themes of resilience, bravery, and respect for the elements.” – Kirkus Revews

In addition, her recently beautifully produced video,, will be promoted during the month of December.

About the Author

Ritu Anand started writing when she could hold a pencil, but life kept getting in the way. For the past four years, she has chosen writing as her career. She draws her inspiration from nature around her and her scripture – Sri Guru Granth Sahibjee. When she sat down to write “Kara’s Dreams”, her pen flowed its ink onto paper, as a river floods its banks. The beautiful verse within the scripture that guided her story provides – Pavan Guru, Paani Pita, Mata Dharadh Mahat, Divas Raat Duii Dayee Daya, Khaileh Sagal Jagat. It means the Wind is the Guru. Water is the Father. Earth is the Mother. Day and Night are caretakers. All the elements – Wind, Water, Earth, Night and Day work in concert to enable creatures to play and enjoy this playground called Earth.

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