Up-and-Coming Artist Kosta Announces Release of Debut Single “I Belong” from Forthcoming LP “7 Of Hearts”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Macedonian artist, Kosta, is pleased to announce the release of his debut single “I Belong,” a melodious portrayal of love’s complexity, set to drop on March 22nd, followed by a much-awaited music video on March 30th.

At its very core, “I Belong” is a sonic exploration that fuses the heartfelt storytelling of 90’s RnB with the polished sheen of modern pop. The single heralds the upcoming LP “7 Of Hearts,” showcasing Kosta’s ability to evolve a simple piano ballad into a full-fledged RnB tune that resonates with the emotional gravity of its lyrics. Drawing inspiration from icons like The Weeknd, Usher, and Justin Timberlake, Kosta crafts a narrative of a toxic relationship on the brink, delivering it through a track that’s as catchy as it is introspective.

Reflecting on the journey of creating “I Belong,” Kosta shares, “The process of making this song was a cathartic dive into the memories of a relationship that tested the limits of emotion. What started as a simple piano melody grew into a tune that now carries pieces of my musical inspirations and personal experiences. It’s a piece of my story told through the rhythms and rhymes that I hold dear.”

As a seasoned performer who has graced stages across Europe and honed his craft at prestigious institutions like Berklee College of Music, Kosta brings a wealth of experience to his music. His backstory is a tale of resilience and rediscovery, from the early days of covering classics to the life-altering experience on Macedonian Idol and his subsequent immersion in the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles. Kosta’s return to Macedonia marked a turning point in his artistry, leading to the soul-stirring, genre-blending work he now produces.

According to Kosta, “I Belong” is more than a single; it’s a testament to his journey as an artist and a glimpse into the thematic and sonic depth of the upcoming LP “7 Of Hearts.” The song benefits from the collaboration with notable co-producers, Will Reynolds (Ed Sheeran, Fred Again, Olly Murs, Elton John etc..), Dragi Ivanov (H.E.R, Aloe Blacc, Rapsody Alex Da Kid, etc.), and Gjorgi Vacev – who all add a layer of industry expertise to Kosta’s raw talent and vision.

Be sure to visit Kosta’s website at https://kostamusic.com/ for more information on his biography, and keep an eye out for direct links to “I Belong” on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube upon release.

About Kosta

Kosta is a musical artist, singer, songwriter, producer and a multi-instrumentalist. Travelling halfway round the world and back to his homeland of Macedonia, the artist has truly reconnected with the art of making music – and it is now beginning to bear the richest fruit.

Growing up in a small town, the multi-instrumentalist has been certain of his path in life since childhood. Originally influenced by bands such as The Beatles, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple & Jimi Hendrix, his performance journey began like many with numerous cover acts. His European world really opened up for him, however, when he auditioned on Macedonian Idol. He began competing at festivals all over Europe which led to Rochester’s School of the Arts and Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was there he fell in love with RnB, Neo-soul, Psychedelic Rock, D’Angelo, Usher, Erykah Badu, Tame Impala and The Weeknd.

With his creative juices flowing, Kosta then moved to Los Angeles as a hopeful 20-year-old to build his music career. Rejection, knock-backs, and empty promises were too much for Kosta to bear, so he made the decision to return back home & regain his shattered confidence. That proved to be the best decision ever, as his new material is sublime, emotional, multi-layered and a dive into the delectable world of laid-back Pop, Soul and R&B.

Since then, Kosta has worked with many notable artists, such as Kid Bloom, Nasaya, Jean Castel, Fytch, Cream Blade, and more.

With an LP titled ‘7 of Hearts’ in his pocket coming up, there is no doubt that Kosta has paid his dues & the result is astounding. Feel his experiences as he sings his world into being and discover what a glorious path it is.

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