The Interview Which Proves The Fact That Maurice Novoa Indeed Invented The Melbourne Shuffle

Sifu Maurice Novoa with the 2017 Falls Festival Stage security team

The Interview given to Indonesia that reviled Maurice Novoa as the creator of the Melbourne Shuffle after 32 years because he wanted to impress his bride to be

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, February 15, 2024 / — Sifu Maurice Novoa, the maestro behind the Melbourne Shuffle phenomenon. In an exclusive interview, Novoa unraveled the enthralling narrative of how his martial arts journey birthed a dance craze that resonates globally.

Novoa’s odyssey commenced at 17, delving into the nuanced footwork of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Within the intricate moves emerged a subtle shuffle, transitioning from left side to right front stance – the embryo of what would later blossom into the iconic Melbourne Shuffle. A dance where one leg gracefully kicks low while the other pivots or shuffles rhythmically, it became a canvas for Novoa’s creative expression.

Venturing into the nascent rave dance scene at 18, Novoa ingeniously merged his martial arts finesse with dance. The Melbourne Shuffle wasn’t merely a spectacle; it was a practice ground for low front kicks, intricate shuffling footwork, and a repertoire that included forward steps and pivoting for a flawless front leg sweep.

What distinguished Novoa’s performance was the seamless synchronization with the pulsating beats of trance techno music, setting a trend that rippled from rave parties into mainstream nightclubs post-1995. The infectious side-to-side shuffle became a dance language spoken across borders. Incorporating Kung Fu techniques, Novoa introduced the T step as called in Wing Chun and a daring 180-degree spin, not just for flair but as a tactical dance response.

His mastery extended beyond dance floors, with the music from these parties finding its way into gay-themed nightclubs before permeating mainstream venues. Unveiling mementos of his journey, Novoa showcased a silver metal key ring – a medallion granting him access to Fantasia, a club on the famed strip of Commercial Road in South Yarra. This establishment, once synonymous with the LGBTQ scene, now stands as a testament to Novoa’s integral role in its history. Further brandishing a black card with a monochrome photo, Novoa spoke of the Mansion Night Club, now an Australian heritage building. This card, a tangible relic of his influence, symbolizes the recognition bestowed upon him as he left an indelible mark on Melbourne’s dance culture.

The soundtrack to Novoa’s dance saga was curated from Reactivate compilation albums, with Reactivate 8 holding a special place. His favorite track, Jens’ “Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Remix),” became an anthem in mainstream nightclubs, solidifying Novoa’s impact. Novoa’s dance journey took a captivating turn as he delved into the rhythms of Mory Kantè’s “Yeke Yeke.” A fan favorite, the original track held a special place in Novoa’s heart, serving as the soundtrack to his early dance exploits. Later, the remix by Hardfloor added a dynamic twist to the composition, fueling Novoa’s fervor for dance.

Remarkably, Novoa found himself at the forefront of innovation when he recognized an unexpected connection between his dance moves and the original African-themed video. Despite the absence of shuffling in the original depiction of African dance, Novoa, through his extensive experience on the hard dance floors, introduced a distinctive shuffle to the beats of “Yeke Yeke.” His groundbreaking interpretation not only became a personal hallmark but also caught the attention of viewers worldwide. This innovation reached a point where a person in a YouTube video mimicked Novoa’s shuffle to the remix of “Yeke Yeke” by Hardfloor. Novoa’s keen eye and unique dance style had left an indelible mark, influencing the way others engaged with and interpreted the song. His claim to being the pioneer of shuffling to the original African-themed track showcases the global impact of his dance creativity, bridging cultures and breaking new ground in the world of dance.

By 2017, Novoa’s dance prowess earned him a place on the grand stage of Falls Music Festival Australia’s largest, an event he attended with a team of Islander crowd controllers, there his prowess earned him a spotlight where fans erupted in joy witnessing his dance. His performance was even projected on massive screens, later immortalized on Snapchat. Despite commercial adaptations, Novoa remains resolute about the authentic Wing Chun roots of his original routine.

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