Spiritual Advisor, Nanette M. Davis, Releases New Anthology to Inspire and Heal

Spiritual Advisor, Nanette M. Davis, Releases New Anthology to Inspire and Heal






#StraightOffTheDome – A Poet’s Mind: Mic Drops to Healing. An Anthology Showcasing the Power of Therapeutic Poetry.

God gave me a vision for this book. I was obedient to the call. There is a call for the world to heal, and this book will play a part in helping them to do so; #StraightOffTheDome!”


DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Purposeful Healing, LLC proudly announces the launch of its first anthology, #StraightofftheDome – A Poet’s Mind: Mic Drops to Healing, authored by spiritual advisor Nanette Davis and six powerful co-authors: Patricia Ford, NaTasha- N.L. Knight, Dr. Jill Thompson, Tameki Tarver, Pareese “Trust In God” Smith, and Tiffanie P. Collazo.

In this deeply moving and inspirational anthology, Nanette Davis, alongside her co-authors, shares a collection of poems that demonstrate the profound impact of therapeutic poetry. As the visionary behind this project, Davis emphasizes the importance of using poetry as a means of healing from various forms of trauma, pain, and grief.

Each chapter of the anthology features hand-selected poems from each author, reflecting their unique journeys toward healing. The diverse poetic skills showcased in the book highlight the many ways in which poetry can serve as a powerful tool for emotional release and recovery. Nanette Davis expresses her gratitude for the divine inspiration that guided her vision and for the contributions of her co-authors, who enhanced and expanded this vision.

“God gave me a vision for this book. I was obedient to the call. There is a call for the world to heal, and this book will play a part in helping them to do so. #StraightOffTheDome,” said Davis.

This anthology is designed for anyone in need of healing, poetry lovers, and those seeking emotional support. The pieces within serve as a reminder that no matter what challenges one faces, they are not alone. Healing is possible if one allows it to take place.

Creativity, as demonstrated through the poems in this book, is a powerful method of healing. As a spiritual advisor, Davis frequently recommends poetry and journaling to her clients as a form of emotional release. This book stands as a testament to the therapeutic potential of creative expression.

Purposeful Healing, LLC collaborated with Notably Written Publication for the production of this anthology. Notably Written Publication, known for its dedication to fostering creative expression and literary excellence, played a crucial role in bringing this project to life. Their expertise in publishing and their commitment to showcasing diverse voices have made them an invaluable partner in this endeavor.

Nanette Davis commented on the partnership, saying, “Working with Notably Written Publication has been an enriching experience. Their understanding of the vision and their dedication to producing quality work have been instrumental in the successful launch of this anthology. They have helped us to ensure that each poem not only reaches its audience but also resonates deeply with readers.”

The collaboration with Notably Written Publication ensured that the anthology received the professional touch it deserved, from editing and formatting to the final publication. This partnership underscores the importance of having a supportive and experienced team in bringing a literary project to fruition.

The anthology not only features the poetic contributions of its authors but also includes reflective pieces on the therapeutic process of writing poetry. Each author shares their personal journey, offering insights into how poetry has served as a healing tool in their lives. These reflections add depth to the anthology, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the healing power of creative expression.

Patricia Ford, one of the co-authors, shares, “Writing poetry allowed me to confront and process my pain in a way that was both freeing and transformative. Being part of this anthology has given me the opportunity to share my story and hopefully inspire others to find healing through creative expression.”

AS A PRELUDE to the actual anthology, attendees can download the author’s free eBook, “HITS SINGLES ~ A #StraightOffTheDome Production” which is a snapshot into the poetry style of each co-author. This project features an all-poet cypher that is sure to witness to the power of transformation.

To celebrate the release of #StraightofftheDome – A Poet’s Mind: Mic Drops to Healing, Purposeful Healing, LLC invites everyone to join the virtual launch party, MEET THE AUTHORS LIVE! on July 9th, 2024, beginning at 7 PM. They can register for the LIVE virtual event which is an opportunity to meet the authors, engage in discussions about the healing power of poetry, and celebrate the launch of this transformative anthology.

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