Rob Terell New Book: Pajama Money-Secrets of the Side Hustle Society

Pajama Money

Rob Terell-The Officialdealmaker shares the secrets of the side hustle society in new book. “Pajama Money”

Success leaves clues. Start with your pajamas.”

— Rob Terell

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 / — Entertainment industry mogul, serial entrepreneur, and best-selling author, Robert Terell, proudly announces the release of his fifth book, Pajama Money.

This highly anticipated book is set to revolutionize the way we think about money, self-expression, and personal empowerment.

In Terell’s previous books, like Broke and Famous: The Music Game… (2014), Level Up: The Business of Music and Entertainment (2017), and Finance the Dream: Creative Financing for Creative People (2021), he encourages readers to expand their thinking. Building on this mindset, his latest book hinges on the power of personal transformation.

However, Pajama Money takes it a step further by teaching readers how to operate from their higher selves to
achieve sustainable success. Terell emphasizes this, urging readers to reprogram their subconscious with new data to unlock their true potential.

“It’s a necessary movement,” Terell explains. “People get caught up in the process of the side hustle. But money comes from within. It’s tied to your core. Motivational speakers give us word candy, but if you don’t translate that energy into action, you can’t sustain it. The key is, it must become a lifestyle. That’s where the transformation comes from. The repetition of that lifestyle will change things internally. You’ve got to clean out the inbox of your subconscious. Rebuild it repeatedly with intention. Suddenly, new things show up.”

The idea of “making money in your pajamas” is the effortless flow of wealth and prosperity you can only reach when aligned with God’s path. More than a book, Pajama Money is an ideology dedicated to inspiring a culture. Terell’s new work delves into the concept that true financial freedom and lifelong success stem from tapping into one’s inner vibration. With a broad approach, the lessons in the book can be applied to all industries, not just entertainment. It is a mentality. Pajama Money also encompasses the Side Hustle Society (SHS), a community dedicated to self-empowerment and entrepreneurship. Through its motivational content, Pajama Money and the SHS aim to inspire a movement that transcends traditional work paradigms with a unique currency logo that symbolizes the idea that “You Are the Currency.” This mantra encourages individuals to view themselves as the source of their wealth, promoting a mindset crucial for achieving financial independence. Terell has a lot in store with this multi-faceted “Pajama Money” brand to include a diverse line of products.

“I hope that it will trigger the up think,” Terell says. “Maybe it will lead some people to the journey that I’m on. It could be a catalyst. That’s my hope.”

About Robert Terell:

Known as “The Official Dealmaker,” Robert Terell is a best-selling author, thought leader, and serial entrepreneur. With over 25 years in the entertainment industry, he’s built a global legacy, helping countless individuals unlock their destinies and achieve their dreams. He leverages his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, personal and business credit, and personal transformation to inspire others. From humble beginnings in New York City, Terell has risen to industry leader, motivational speaker, and global visionary. “Success leaves clues. Start with your pajamas.” – Rob Terell

Join the Pajama Money movement and transform your life from the comfort of your pajamas.

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