Popular Singer Kelsie Kimberlin Releases “Twinkle,” A New Song And Video Celebrating Transgender Youth

Kelsie Kimberlin And Depmsey Jara

Kelsie and Dempsey

Kelsie and Dempsey Having Fun

Kelsie and Dempsey

Kelsie and Dempsey Enjoying Themselves

In Honor Of Pride Month, Singer Kelsie Kimberlin Has Boldly Released “Twinkle.” A Song And Music Video About The Blessings Of Transgender Youth

Together, we can break down the walls of ignorance, fear, and prejudice so every human can live to their full potential with dignity. I want everyone to experience Dempsey’s pride and love of life.”

— Kelsie Kimberlin

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Popular pop singer Kelsie Kimberlin today released an official music video for her song “Twinkle” celebrating the gift of transgender youth at a time in our history when some factions of society want to vilify and erase them. “Twinkle” is about how awesome transgender kids are and how fortunate society is that they are part of the human fabric. The song was also released today on Kelsie’s first EP of eight songs, “The Drawer.”

The video represents Kelsie’s directing debut. She flew to Orlando, Florida, and spent time with an amazing 12-year-old transgender girl named Dempsey Jara as they had fun visiting the Gaylord Ice Sculptures and Disney World.

In the video, they dance, sing, and laugh about the joys of life. Dempsey’s infectious energy will bring smiles to everyone as she shows that she is just like any other child her age in terms of what she needs to thrive and succeed — love, acceptance, and a nurturing family. “Together, we can break down the walls of ignorance, fear, and prejudice so every human can live to their full potential with dignity and respect,” said Kelsie. “I want everyone to watch, like, and share this video to experience Dempsey’s love of life and pride for who she is.”

Kelsie chose to intersperse her experiences with Dempsey with archival footage of Dempsey growing up in a supportive and nurturing family environment where she is loved and accepted. This combination makes for a stunning, joyful, and emotional video. The video of Kelsie and Dempsey together was filmed on a GoPro and iPhone to give the video a close and personal feeling.

Today, across the nation, some cruel politicians, religious leaders, and groups are calling for bans on all books and media that mention transgender or gay people. This has led to bullying, discrimination, and even physical violence against transgender people. Several well-known politicians are campaigning on a platform of erasing transgender citizens from society as a whole and denying them medical care and jobs in the public sector. Even drag shows are being outlawed. Kelsie’s video is meant to counter these grotesque forms of bigotry and intolerance in the hope that society will reflect and embrace all of its diversity with equality and love.

“Twinkle” is available on all global music platforms and the video is on YouTube.

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