Kelsie Kimberlin Hits Another Home Run With Her New Song and Video “Road Trip”

Kelse Kimberlin Takes A Road Trip

Kelsie Kimberlin In  A Yellow Dress

Kelsie Kimberlin Singing About Taking A Road Trip

Kelsie Kimberlin Walking

Kelsie Kimberlin Leaving For A Road Trip

Kelsie Kimberlin Gives Everyone Permission To Get Away With Her New Song “Road Trip”

Many people have felt the urge to say, ‘to hell with this’ and want to find the courage to leave a toxic situation, so I am hopeful that the song and video will resonate with everyone on some level.””

— Kelsie Kimberlin

WASHINGTON , DC, USA, May 15, 2023/ — Kelsie Kimberlin, who has been releasing exciting and provocative music and videos for the past two years, is at it again with her new song, “Road Trip,” about how a perfect family situation suddenly becomes toxic with the revelation of a dark family secret. As Kelsie puts it: “’Road Trip’ is my song about reaching a breaking point after discovering a terrible family truth. The refrain of the song is about me jumping in the car and just driving away for a long, long time. In the video, set in the 1950s, I get into a red 1956 Ford Thunderbird convertible and head on down the road without looking back. Many people have felt the urge to just say, ‘to hell with this’ and want to find the courage to leave a toxic situation, so I am hopeful that the song and video will resonate with everyone on some level.”

In the audio, the aggressive guitar solo represents the angst of the situation, the bridge represents the heartfelt desire to live without drama, and then the piano solo represents the release and calm while driving and leaving it all behind. This combination is uncommon in a pop song but it evokes a cinematic picture that is carefully captured in the video. Kelsie’s production team includes several Grammy nominees and winners, and her video team, led by director Zack Gross, spared nothing to get the proper feel for the song.

“Road Trip” comes on the heels of a number of songs and videos that Kelsie has released over the past six months which have garnered millions of views and streams online, including “Cosmopolitan Girl,” “Fruit Basket,” “Rooting For My Baby,” and “Spoof I Wonder,” all of which have received global radio play and rave reviews on social media.

Kelsie is a proud Ukrainian-American and her song, “Spoof I Wonder,” depicts the horrors of the war in Ukraine. Not surprisingly, despite the heavy subject and the heart-wrenching photos taken by award-winning front-line photojournalist, Andriy Dubchak, the video has gone viral and received widespread acclaim. Ukrainian President Zelensky at the Grammys urged artists everywhere to constantly speak out in support of Ukraine and Kelsie has done that with her songs, videos, social media posts, radio interviews, and statements to the press.

With every new release, Kelsie demonstrates complete mastery of her craft, and “Road Trip” adds a new layer to her professionalism. The buzz about Kelsie gets more pronounced with each song. Indeed, “Road Trip” is such a powerful song that she has already recorded a remix that she will release this summer as the perfect summer driving song.

Kelsie asks everyone to share “Road Trip” and to support Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine.

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Kelsie Kimberlin “Road Trip” — Stand With Ukraine

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