HIP Video Promo Presents: Greg Hoy & The Boys premiere brand new music video “Holy Mother of God” on EssentiallyPop.com
HIP Video Promo Presents: Greg Hoy & The Boys premiere brand new music video “Holy Mother of God” on EssentiallyPop.com

Indie rocker Greg Hoy is back with an all-new rocking single “Holy Mother of God”

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Greg Hoy is an artist who has been a key component in the East and West Coast indie rock scenes long before he attached his name to them. Initially writing music as a member of various other projects, Hoy entered the music scene in Brooklyn. Nearly a decade later in the early 2010s, he moved across the country to San Francisco to work with creatives at various well-known start-ups, bringing his music along with him. Though he has since moved on from the start-up scene, Hoy still resides in the Golden State.

When not writing or performing music, Hoy works as a producer and recording engineer at his record label, 30 Peak Recording Company. He continuously finds new ways to experiment and express himself through his music. He takes inspiration from every corner of the rock world, whether it’s from the legendary names of classic rock like Led Zeppelin, or the indie alternative works of experimental artists such as Beck and Brittany Howard.

A few years ago, Greg Hoy & The Boys traveled with their equipment to Minnesota to visit Hoy’s cabin on Lake Superior. What emerged at the end of their summer there was a rough cut of an untitled 10-track LP. The album could be described as a mini-rock opera of sorts; it’s a concept album that follows the story of a couple leaving Earth to populate Mars in an attempt to save the human race. Hoy intends to release the finished album by the fall of this year to have it out in time for Christmas.

“Holy Mother of God” is the first song from that session to debut, deriving its name from the first lyric of the title track of Genesis’ 1976 album A Trick of the Trail. This Kinks meets The Hives ear candy follows the perspective of Mother Earth, who is saddened by the departure of humanity, yet can’t help but find herself liberated. From the very first guitar riff, the band immediately conveys to the audience that this song is meant to rock fans to their core, permitting them to join in on Mother Earth’s celebration. Behind the apparent story, Hoy has stated that the song is an exploration of escapism.

With Hoy staying hands-off during the production, the music video for “Holy Mother of God” is directed solely by Carissa Johnson, who previously collaborated with the band to co-direct the “Demons At Night” music video. The video is centered around a nun, played by Ashley Wooley, who wanders around the beaches and streets of the Bay Area. The nun serves as the personification of Mother Earth, who is mourning the loss of her inhabitants. With the help of Greg Hoy & The Boys, she transforms into a new person, ditching her religious garb and embracing the music of the world around her. The video was shot in Pacifica, CA, featuring a live performance by the band at Winters Tavern during The BEST Fest.

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