Hip Hop Industry Art Director Gifted Diamond Chain Worth Over 6 Figures

As the music industry continues to evolve, it takes a special kind of talent to stay ahead of the game.

UNITED KINGDOM, May 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — For one individual, this has been a reality as they have recently achieved major successes in their work separately with two of Hip Hop’s biggest artists, The Game and also Diddy.

Mark James Scott has been working closely with West Coast Hip Hop legend The Game for several years now as a Brand Consultant and Designer. Recently, they were given a custom-made diamond chain, valued at over six figures. The chain, designed by Mark, is a symbol of their hard work and dedication to the industry. Mark has also worked on The Game’s last two Albums “Drillmatic” and “Born 2 Rap” and credited as Art Director.

The meaning behind the Chain goes deeper than you will think for the Scottish Director. “The Numinati is Game’s Label. He called me when he was in the Studio and started rapping Kanye West’s verse on their record “Eazy” to me, the part that says “This that Numinati…”. Thats where the name comes from. I sent him some Sketches of Logos that night and the one he went with ended up being his new Label imprint on Virgin Records. As an Artist myself the chain is like a badge of honour.”

In addition to their work with The Game, Mark has also made a significant impact in the music industry recently when they landed a role with Music Mogul Diddy in 2022. One of the biggest Projects Mark worked on was the art direction and promotion of Diddy’s latest Grammy Nominated album, “The Love Album: Off The Grid”. Their creative vision and attention to detail have helped bring the album to life and promote it. Mark also did work for many of Diddy’s other Companies online.

Mark who didn’t study design and instead studied Psychology for six years and gained his Masters Degree said “I know what will capture people’s attention and I think that gives me an edge when I design. I think it sets me apart from others who do what I do.”

Some future news we can also touch on is that Mark has co-founded a Company with The Game, launching in both the US & UK in 2025.

For media inquiries or to learn more about the individual’s work, please visit http://markjamesscott.co.uk

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