For New Music Friday, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Donald “DēP” Paige dropped a new EP of spiritual alignment and empowerment on Friday, May 31, 2024 on the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Donald “DēP” Paige drops new EP of spiritual alignment and empowerment, titled “Angel Numbers and Frequencies.”

It was created to inspire, relate, rebuild and remind listeners of who they are and encourage them to live a purposeful life.”

— Donald “DēP” Paige

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 / — For New Music Friday, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Donald “DēP” Paige (pronounced Deep) dropped a new EP of spiritual alignment and empowerment on Friday, May 31, 2024 on the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month. The five-song EP, “Angel Numbers and Frequencies” is a special project created to reconnect listeners with their passions, purpose and higher power. With the album, a soothing sound of affirmations, DēP hopes to heal, reconnect and guide listeners through the process of manifestation, intention and healing.

“Angel Numbers and Frequencies” was inspired by DēP’s transformative trip to Bahia, Brazil where he experienced a spiritual awakening. Interestingly, he created this music specifically to address the mental health and self care of Black men, counteracting negative stereotypes and cultivating a new mindset of well being. Uplifting. Positive. Enlightening. “Angel Numbers and Frequencies” taps into the idea of “angel numbers,” which is rooted in numerology and believed to be messages from the spiritual world with the sole purpose of guiding one’s path in life.

In a heighten state of awareness, DēP began noticing repeated patterns of numbers, researched its meaning and worked with a team of producers to create meditation music for the body and soul. The 22-minute EP is a curated compilation to take a listener on a journey of awakening, ascension, revelation and reconnection.

“It is our job as creatives to gift the world with truth, observations and, sometimes, solutions beyond creating another bop,” said DēP. He says his latest work is a healing, motivational and reconnecting journey of self awareness through a sonic experience. “It was created to inspire, relate, rebuild and remind listeners of who they are and encourage them to live a purposeful life,” he added.

Four of the five songs on the EP contain an “angel number,” driving the creative force behind its sonics and lyrics. “Angel Numbers and Frequencies” contain the following tracks:

1. “Ash Catchum 528” – the number 528 symbolizes that financial reward and prosperity is on the way. It also represents that one should focus on positive changes toward a more balanced life through manifestation. The track is produced by Bo Lamar of Bo Lamar Productions (BLP), a three-time Grammy-winning music production house.

2. “Homing Device 777” – the number 777 is linked to self discovery and personal growth. The track is produced by Quasi Ray Nelson.

3. “The Plug 963” – the number 963 is known as the Frequency of the Gods. It represents spiritual grown and seeking one’s purpose in life. The track is produced by Lamar “LAX” Alexander and Day Underscore of MoDULA.

4. “40” – A pivotal age for the artist. The track is produced by BizKit and Butta of B & B Entertainment, a multi Grammy-nominated record and platinum-selling record production duo.

5. “Alignment 297” – the number 297 is a powerful reminder that one should stay open to whatever life brings. The track is produced by musical phenom Micah Street, a twentysomething 13x platinum-selling record producer.

All lyrics are written by DēP and released independently through Think DēP Entertainment.

“Angel Numbers and Frequencies” is a timely drop for June, a month observing both Black Music Month and Men’s Health Month.

Angel Numbers and Frequencies | production notes

• Released on May 31, 2024 by Think DeP Entertainment

• UPC: 840433428930

• Radio Package: Think DeP Entertainment (available upon request)

“Angel Numbers and Frequencies” is available on all music platforms.

For more information about DēP, visit

ABOUT DONALD “DĒP” PAIGE | (pronounced Deep)

Donald “DēP” Paige is a Grammy-winning and four-time Grammy-nominated recording artist and songwriter as well as an actor, a model and an author, based in Los Angeles. DēP released his debut EP, “For Me,” in 2005, and followed up three years later, with the EP, titled “The Truth.” In 2016, he released hist first album, “Think DēP Reloaded,” including the popular single, “Red Light Pt. II.” In 2023, he threw his music and message into the political ring with the soulful mixtape, “This Sh*t Can’t Wait,” a contemporary political cry to awaken a nation during an election year.

DēP earned a Grammy Award for his work on Kanye West’s album, “Jesus Is King,” as a member of the award-winning rapper’s Sunday Service Choir. “Jesus Is King” took home the Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album in 2021, and broke several records on the Billboard charts. His work on multiple Grammy-winner Beyonce’s song, “Spirit,” for the soundtrack of “The Lion King,” nabbed him additional Grammy nominations.

DēP’s music is influenced by artists such as Donny Hathaway, Missy Elliott, Yolanda Adams, and Tank among others. He has shared the stage and opened up for prominent award-winning recording artists as Beyonce, Kanye West, John Legend, Chance the Rapper, Alicia Keys, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Andra Day, and Ne-Yo – just to name a few. DēP has also performed at 2016 TV Land Awards, 2016 ESPY Awards and 57th Annual Grammy Awards. He’s also featured in a Super Bowl LVIII commercial this year with Usher, promoting Uber Eats and ranking #4, according to USA Today’s Ad Meter. Plus, he’s credited on several tracks of Beyonce’s groundbreaking new country album, COWBOY CARTER, as a member of the choir.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, DēP is part of a musical family with extensive roots in gospel music. Many of his family members are charter members of the renowned Southeast Inspirational Choir, which propelled the careers of gospel artists such as Yolanda Adams, Brenda Waters, Shirley Joiner, Carl Preacher, Rise Joiner-Peters, Angela Bennet and Greg Curtis. He is a founding member of Kanye West’s gospel group, Sunday Service Collective.

DēP is a member of the Beta Beta chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. For more information about DēP, visit


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