Creative Works London Showcases AI Prowess with Guns N’ Roses’ Latest Music Video “The General”

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Creative Works has produced an AI influenced music video for Guns N’ Roses new single, The General, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology.

LONDON, NONE, UNITED KINGDOM, February 2, 2024 / — Creative Works London, a cutting-edge design studio known for its innovative approach to visual storytelling, has once again pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology. In collaboration with the legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses, Creative Works has produced a visually stunning music video for the band’s latest single, “The General,” utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology

The video, which follows a young boy navigating an eerie, magenta-toned cityscape, is a masterclass in blending traditional animation techniques with the avant-garde edge of generative AI. Using Stable Diffusion, a leading generative AI platform, Creative Works has crafted a video that is both unsettling and dreamlike, with childhood toys transforming into menacing figures and surreal, biomechanical creatures emerging from the urban landscape.

Dan Potter, Creative Director at Creative Works London, who have also been behind the band’s concert visuals and other music videos over the past 10 years or so, spearheaded the project, leveraging his expertise in AI and animation. “Our goal was to create a video that not only serves the song but also showcases the potential of AI in enhancing the art of music video production,” Potter explained. “By feeding the AI with concept sketches, Unreal Engine footage, and the narrative themes of the track, we were able to produce a hybrid workflow that resulted in a truly unique visual experience.”

The video’s AI-generated imagery seamlessly integrates with live-action footage of the band, showcasing Creative Works’ ability to blur the lines between reality and AI-driven fantasy. The studio’s commitment to augmenting artistic expression with AI is evident in the video’s detailed, hand-crafted touches, such as graffiti and transitions, that complement the AI-generated visuals.

Creative Works’ pioneering use of AI in “The General” is indicative of the studio’s forward-thinking approach to art and technology. “AI is a tool that, when used creatively, can open up new avenues for artistic expression. It’s not about replacing artists but enhancing their ability to tell stories in novel and captivating ways,” said Potter.

Looking to the future, Creative Works London is exploring other innovative applications of AI , including integrating AI with iMAG for live performances. The studio envisions a future where augmented reality elements, powered by AI, can create immersive, hallucinatory experiences for concertgoers.

Creative Works London is excited to continue pushing the envelope, proving that the synergy between technology and traditional artistry is not only possible but essential for the evolution of creative industries. “The General” music video is a testament to what can be achieved when artists and AI work hand in hand, setting a new standard for music videos and beyond.


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Guns N’ Roses – The General (Official Music Video)

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