Celebrate Elvis Presley’s Birthday with Never-Before-Heard Collaborations through Forbidden Elvis Membership

A Signed Contract Between Norman Blagman and Elvis Presley’s Music Companies

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Norman Blagman in a moment of serenity, enjoying the simple beauty of a rose, reflective of his deep appreciation for life’s delicate pleasures.

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Elvis Presley holds a ‘Forbidden Elvis’ record in a classic record store, surrounded by admirers, capturing the timeless allure of the King’s unseen legacy.

Unearthing the Hidden Gems: Dive Deep into Elvis Presley’s Unheard Music with Woody Blagman’s Exclusive Membership Site

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the world prepares to celebrate the birthday of the legendary Elvis Presley on January 8th, there is a new and exciting way for fans to honor the King of Rock and Roll. Woody Blagman, son of renowned songwriter Norman Blagman, is proud to announce the launch of Forbidden Elvis, a members-only website that grants access to a treasure trove of unheard collaborations between Norman and Elvis.

These tracks, once kept secret by the music industry, offer a unique opportunity for fans to discover and appreciate the lesser-known artistic explorations of their favorite icon. Join Forbidden Elvis today and celebrate the legacy of Elvis like never before.

Blagman’s membership site offers an array of remastered tracks and anecdotes, revealing an intimate portrait of the creative synergy between Elvis and his father. These hidden gems showcase the rebellious spirit of their era and provide a deeper understanding of the legendary musician’s legacy.

In an exclusive interview, Blagman shared his motivation behind creating this unique platform. “My father and Elvis had a special connection through music. I wanted to honor their collaboration and share it with the world. These tracks have never been heard before, and I believe they deserve to be appreciated by fans of all generations.”

The membership site features rare recordings, including alternate versions of popular songs and never-before-heard tracks. Fans can also access behind-the-scenes stories and personal anecdotes from Norman Blagman, providing a deeper insight into the creative process of Elvis Presley.

“I am thrilled to be able to share these hidden treasures with Elvis fans. It’s a way to celebrate his birthday and honor his legacy in a unique and meaningful way,” Blagman added.

The membership site has already garnered attention from Elvis Presley fans worldwide, with many expressing their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to discover these rare recordings.

One fan commented, “I’ve been a fan of Elvis for years, and I thought I knew everything about his music. But this membership site has opened my eyes to a whole new side of his career. Thank you, Woody Blagman, for sharing these hidden gems with us.”

Join Woody Blagman’s mission to preserve and share the hidden musical treasures of Elvis Presley’s career by becoming a member of the site today. Celebrate the King’s birthday in a unique and unforgettable way. Visit the membership site now and discover the forbidden chapters of Elvis Presley’s musical history.

Woody Blagman, a talented speaker, is available for interviews regarding his father’s music career and time spent with Elvis Presley. He can be reached via the following contact information:

[email protected]

(310) 433-1952

• Gain exclusive access to rare and unheard collaborations between Norman Blagman and Elvis Presley

• Discover and appreciate the lesser-known artistic explorations of your favorite icon

• Get behind-the-scenes stories and personal anecdotes from Norman Blagman for a deeper understanding of Elvis’s creative process

• Celebrate the legacy of Elvis in a unique and meaningful way, unlike any other fan experience.

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