Benjamin Lewis Takes You On A Journey Through Self Discovery with His Captivating New Release, “High In The Sky”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ — Benjamin Lewis, the rising star of the music scene, unveils his highly anticipated single “High in the Sky,” which is the mesmerizing title track of his recent EP.

This enchanting release takes listeners on a transformative journey, exploring themes of self-discovery, inner conflict, and the power of perception.

“High in the Sky” is a remarkable composition with a special place in Benjamin’s heart. Despite being the final song on the EP, it was the first one he penned, becoming the catalyst and inspiration for the entire collection. Written during contrasting emotions, the song beautifully captures the dichotomy of feeling whole yet lost simultaneously.

With his lyrics, Benjamin strives to evoke a sense of conflict and duality within the listener. The expression “high in the sky” represents a thrilling and exhilarating experience but also reflects the fear and vulnerability one can experience when soaring alone. The interpretation is left open-ended, empowering listeners to decide how they perceive and approach the song’s meaning.

For Benjamin, “High in the Sky” holds profound significance, serving as a key life lesson. It reminds him that one has the power to shape their perspective on any situation. What may initially appear scary or daunting can also be seen as exciting and full of potential. Embracing individuality and trusting the journey leads to personal growth, strength, and ultimate happiness.

Furthermore, the EP as a whole is carefully crafted to deliver a cohesive message. Every lyric, sound, and visual element works harmoniously to build up to the powerful climax found in “High in the Sky.”

Benjamin invites listeners to embark on a completely immersive experience, where each track unveils a new layer of self-reflection and introspection.

Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video capturing the song’s essence. Benjamin teamed up with five exceptionally talented teen dancers to bring the emotions of “High in the Sky” to life through movement. The video is a testament to Benjamin’s creativity and commitment to authentically conveying the song’s sentiment.

“There is an inexplicable magic within the video that words fail to describe. If you’ve listened to the song, you absolutely must watch the video,” Benjamin emphasized.

Prepare to be swept away by Benjamin Lewis’s transformative track, “High in the Sky.” Through his heartfelt lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and captivating visuals, Benjamin invites you to explore the depths of your emotions, embrace your individuality, and discover the beauty of conflicting experiences.

Please visit his YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram for more information about Benjamin and his music.

About Benjamin Lewis

Benjamin Lewis is a rising star in the music industry, captivating audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing melodies. His latest single, “High in the Sky,” explores self-discovery, inner conflict, and the power of perception.

Benjamin’s music resonates with listeners, offering a transformative experience that encourages introspection and personal growth. With his unique blend of emotive storytelling and captivating visuals, Benjamin is set to make an indelible mark on the music scene.

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