Award-winning composer and pianist Karen Salicath Jamali grace the holiday season with her single “Christmas Angel”

The Single Christmas Angel

Karen Salicath Jamali

Karen Salicath Jamali Preforming in Carnegie Hall Sterns Auditorium

Renowned for her ethereal compositions and spiritual melodies grace the holiday season with her latest enchanting instrumental single “Christmas Angel”

My inspiration comes from nature, my music comes in dreams.”

— Karen Salicath Jamali

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — Review by Ditto Music:

The American composer and Pianist Karen Salicath Jamali’s musical prowess takes center stage in this holiday themed easy-listening piece. “Christmas Angel” is a musical gift conceived in the realm of dreams, a place where  Salicath often discovers the inspiration for her captivating compositions. Recorded in the early morning on her golden-age grand Steinway piano, the single captures the essence of tranquility and the magic of a winter snowfall. With this piece, Salicath taps into the Christmas spirit, inviting listeners to a place of inner peace, love, and care.

Reflecting on her influences, Salicath shares, “My inspiration comes from nature, my music comes in dreams. I have been influenced since I was 8 years old, playing classical guitar for 16 years under the guidance of a teacher from the Royal Danish Music Academy. I played pieces by classical composers such as Francisco Tárrega, Villa Lobos, Fernando Sor, Federico Moreno Torroba, Manuel Ponce, Chopin, Vivaldi, Bach, and many more. These composers, who still inspire me, have been a part of my soul since childhood.”

Karen Salicath Jamali is a distinguished artist, known for her multifaceted talent as a composer, pianist, and visual artist. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in Copenhagen, Salicath has been a painter, sculptor, and photographer for three decades.

Her works have earned her international acclaim, including the prestigious Oscar Award in Art. Karen Salicath Jamali’s musical journey is as unique as her compositions; following a near-death experience and a head injury in 2012, she discovered her innate ability to play the piano, she is self-taught. The subsequent years saw her prolifically producing seven albums and over 2500 compositions, earning accolades and performing solo at Carnegie Hall eight times with her music.

”Christmas Angel” promises to be a timeless addition to the holiday music repertoire. The instrumental piano piece seamlessly blends classical, holiday, and easy-listening genres, providing listeners with a serene and uplifting experience.

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Christmas Angel

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