Araxis 3 Productions Adds New Music to Its Portfolio Following Its Recent Foray into Producing Bass Guitar Music

Sheryl Fisher of Araxis 3 Productions

The production company is a labor of love from retired chemist Sheryl Fisher, giving her an outlet to write and share her music with the world

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — One look at Sheryl Fisher’s resume, and any reader is guaranteed to be impressed. As a retired chemist and educator, she created a name for herself in a male-dominated field. And these days, she continues to impress by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for herself and women everywhere by taking her skills as an inventor, classical composer, violinist, writer, and self-made engineer to the music industry with her company Araxis 3 Productions.

Since launching Araxis 3 in 1998, Fisher hasn’t slowed down, releasing a steady stream of electronic music to delight her fans. She most recently has ventured into writing, producing, and playing the bass guitar, adding to Araxis 3’s repertoire. While she has always been enamored by music and actively made and played music, her foray into electronic music, playing the bass guitar is a more recent development in what is now the retired chemist’s new professional path.

For Fisher, who is Baltimore through and through, having been born in the Dr. JET Camper Historic Landmark, her music and production career is an emotional outlet, allowing her to express her feelings through music. She also has an invisible disability from her long career as a chemist, so she feels fortunate that she can overcome the challenges associated with those struggles and pursue what she considers her second calling.

“I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to follow both of my callings in life. After having a long and successful career as a chemist, I’m now thrilled to be able to follow my second calling, making music,” said Fisher. “And both of these career callings have come in male-dominated fields, chemistry and playing the bass guitar. I make music not only as an outlet for myself and to push my own personal boundaries of what’s possible, but to give others, no matter their age, profession, or life circumstances, hope that they, too, can pursue their dreams.”

Fisher currently runs two YouTube channels, Sheryl Fisher and shrrryl, where she has been busy releasing new music with Araxis 3. Over the years, she has also released 2 CDs featuring her music, Past Echoes and Angels in the Myst.

Those interested in listening to Fisher’s music can visit her YouTube channels or follow her on Instagram.

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