AKA V’s New Single ‘Tough Girl Code’ Explores Identity and Growth Through Raw Vulnerability

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We’ve all developed a way of interacting with the world that feels part of our identity but when is it time to let go and change ?

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In “Tough Girl Code,” AKA V reflects on her past as a rebellious and anarchic spirit, questioning which aspects of her identity still serve her and which may be hindering her ability to connect authentically with others. With raw honesty and introspection, she navigates the delicate balance between embracing one’s past and evolving into one’s true self. Through her introspective lyrics, AKA V invites listeners to explore their own journey of self-discovery and embrace the paradox of being a tough girl with a soft heart.

“Tough Girl Code” skillfully combines high-energy rock verses propelled by a driving bass line with intimate acoustic guitar-driven choruses. The contrasting nature of the verses and choruses communicates that a tough girl appearance can hold a soft and fragile heart.

Artist Bio

AKA-V is from the small town, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. She headed to the big city of Toronto, pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a musician. With a captivating look and impressive vocal ability, it didn’t take long for V to land her first gig as the lead singer in the Canadian rock band, OzGoode.

Her experience and journey on a cross-country tour with OzGoode inspired V’s debut single “Always Go Home.” This noteworthy release marked her entrance as a solo artist into the music industry in 2016.

Since then, she has released a continuous stream of singles, skillfully navigating her way to cultivating a unique and dynamic sound.

Song Credits

Song written by: Vanessa Huneault, Nicolas Axel Kauffman, Noah Raine Soto Nevarez

Produced by:Nicolas Axel Kauffman

Mixed by: Nicolas Axel Kauffman

Mastered by: Elliot James Mulhern

Performed by: AKA V


2024 – Tough Girl Code – Single Release

2023 – Prisoner

2021 -Like A Stone (Audioslave cover)

2020 -Addicted

2020 – You Say

2019 -This is Love (PJ Harvey Cover)

2018 – Last Chance

2017- Gone

2016 – Always Go Home

2015 – Les Temp Changent

Music Placements

“Broken (2021) – Film

Songs Used: “You Say,” “Gone,” “Always Go Home”

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