After Crippling Insomnia Artist Hears Truth in the Night Sky With New Christian Anthem “The Human Condition”

Scan the sky far and wide listen for the whisper…

Dylan Galvin and his Taylor 324CE acoustic guitar leaning against a textured backdrop

Dylan and his favorite songwriting tool.

Lyrically bold alt-pop anthem confronts the disappointing promises of the world with the truth found in the night sky

Truth is objective, universal, and not yours to decide. It simply is. That’s where everyone must start”

— Dylan Galvin

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / — Dylan Galvin announces the release of his latest single, “The Human Condition”; a Christian song that takes a different direction than most popular Christian music. The alt-pop anthem encourages the person who has been let down by the world’s false promises of happiness. The song addresses our tendency as people to skillfully avoid moral scrutiny while believing we have all the answers.

The Human Condition was written after Dylan had suffered several years with severe insomnia. During this time, he only slept for 5-10 hours a week and couldn’t find relief in medication, meditation, exercise, supplements, or sunlight. He realized the issue wasn’t physical, it was a spiritual, which is why all the physical remedies failed miserably.

“I was confident I understood life. I loved reading cosmology books, studied philosophy in college, and enjoyed deep conversations about life around a bonfire with strangers. However, the suffering of endless sleeplessness and the brevity of life becoming more apparent shattered my worldview. I couldn’t do anything to stop the suffering. I tried taking six Trazodone, I once ran ten miles and drank a bottle of Jack Daniels immediately after, nothing worked and I looked and felt like death was at my door. Strangers were asking me ‘are you ok’? The things I believed about life were merely comforting veneers, never truly tested. It wasn’t until I began reading from a small Bible my grandparents brought back from Jerusalem that I began to realize my issues stemmed from my own actions, sins, and failure to accept accountability. Finding truth must start with one’s standing before God: ‘Who are you and who is God?’ Truth is objective, universal, and not yours to decide. It simply is. That’s where everyone must start.” – Dylan

Written from the perspective of someone who is searching for truth, the song follows someone who tries to find out “why” to some of the most fundamental questions of life. They hear all kinds of people claiming to know, some of them well spoken, some of them vulgar, but they end up confused and overwhelmed. They try intellectualism, which explains many external things well, but fails at diagnosing the inner issues of the human experience and the problem of evil. They try psychedelics and spiritualism, but ultimately these lead to a rabbit hole of vague, bizarre, and impossible-to-properly-interpret experiences. This song is a story of someone who is searching just like Dylan was, and trying everything and coming up empty handed.

The lyric: “Scan the sky far and wide, listen for the whisper. The lullabies of ancient lights are part of the bigger picture” tells the listener: the very stars that you scream to night after night in frustration have been sweetly and patiently singing truth to you the entire time. This is exactly what we read in Psalm 19:1 – The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. It’s not a worship song per se, but just a story of where someone should look for truth. It’s a song for the believer and the unbeliever. The unbeliever can listen to this and hear about what God can do. The believer can listen and reflect upon what God has already done for them. It is intended to encourage someone who is suffering greatly, someone who the world has let down and is still looking for that answer that will give them a deep, unending peace. The song does not water down theology or try to utilize emotionalism to make the message more appealing, but has a strong call to action to seek God through prayer and admit one’s own sins, rather than being preoccupied with the sins of everyone else.

Dylan has worked in songwriting sessions with Paul Simon and recently helped score the documentary “The Essential Church”, which peaked at #1 in the Apple TV Documentary charts. The song was produced by Dylan Galvin and Luis Cancion and mixed by Harper James.

Every person alive faces “The Human Condition,” and Dylan invites the person of faith and the skeptics to listen and reflect on the words in a society that claims to have thousands of truths yet still struggles to resolve contradictions after thousands of years.

Set to be available for streaming everywhere, including Spotify and Apple Music, on May 29, 2024, Galvin’s “The Human Condition” will be paired with a social media content series featuring behind-the-scenes insights into the creation of the song, creative alternative renditions, and an acoustic version set for release on June 19. To listen to the song before the release date, reach out to Dylan. He is available for interviews and inquiries regarding the release of his new single.

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