World Breaker: Luke Evans and Milla Jovovich star in sci-fi thriller which has started filming in the UK

Milla Jovovich is filming a new sci-fi film from The Machinist’s Brad Anderson. The film also stars Luke Evans and newcomer Billie Boullet.

Milla Jovovich returns to the genre she knows so well with World Breaker. She stars opposite Luke Evans from Fast & Furious 6 and Dracula Untold. Brad Anderson is in the director’s chair for this science-fiction film. Anderson is known for such bleak projects as Session 9, The Machinist (which famously had Christian Bale lose a scary amount of weight prior to playing Batman) and Transsiberian. He has been dabbling in TV over the recent years, having directing for shows like Titans, The Man in the High Castle and Peacemaker.

The synopsis for World Breaker, according to Deadline, reads,
“Five years ago, a tear in the fabric of reality brought creatures to our world from an alternate dimension bent on our destruction. A father hides his daughter on an island to keep her safe while he prepares her for survival and the battles to come. But when the world is about to break, no place is safe.”

Up-and-coming British-French actress Billie Boullet has also joined the production, playing the daughter of the story, while Evans and Jovovich are on board as the parents. Boullet has recently garnered a Critics Choice nomination for her portrayal of Anne Frank in Nat Geo and Disney+ series A Small Light. Mila Harris is also listed in the cast. However, it is not currently known what role she will be taking in the film. World Breaker was written by Joshua Rollins, whose credits include Infinite Storm, and Martin Brennan, known for Zone 414, of 23ten Productions is producing. Northern Ireland Screen provides support for the film as it is currently filming in the UK. 

You can catch Jovovich in the recent trailer for another sci-fi film involving a family, titled Breathe. Breathe follows “a mother named Maya and her daughter, who are forced to live underground after Earth is made uninhabitable due to a lack of oxygen. Only short trips to the surface are made possible by a state-of-art oxygen suit made by Maya’s husband Darius, whom she presumes to be dead. When a mysterious couple arrives claiming to know Darius and his fate, Maya tentatively agrees to let them into their bunker but are they all they appear to be?”

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