Stranger Things: Everything We Know About Season 5

We take a deep dive into Stranger Things Season 5, breaking down everything we know about the show’s final episodes.

Stranger Things shocked people when its first season was released back in 2016, but season 5 is going to blow everybody’s mind. When can we expect the last and final season? Will Vecna be defeated? Is somebody going to die…? Yes, this may be dramatic, but who knows what the Duffer Brothers has in store for us. EP Shawn Levy promises that what we’ll get in Stranger Things Season 5 will rival any blockbuster. So, in honor of Stranger Things Day let’s look at what we can expect in the upcoming and final fifth season.

Plot: Where will the season take place?

We already know that the storyline will be taken place in Hawkins only. Since the ending of season 4, Vecna remains the strongest source of power that is alive and succeeding to do otherwise to innocent, vulnerable, and hurt individuals. Furthermore, it is said that Will Byers, played by Noah Schnaap, will be the character we follow the most for this season, hence focusing in his hometown. It seems like Will could have a vital part in response to the season’s finale. Also, based on season 4’s ending (spoiler alert, so sorry), Jim Hopper is back from Russia…ALIVE therefore he will also be kicking it with the original squad in Hawkins. So far, the public knows the title of season five’s first episode, which is “Chapter One: The Crawl” based on a screenshot picture of the script’s cover page.

The Duffer Brothers have made it known to press and media that the focus of season five is to break down the mythology of the mysteriously dangerous Upside Down and to answer all the questions we’ve had since the first season. Without being said, it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster seeing the original gang fight mystery and danger together again.

Cast: Who will be back?

It is no rumour that there will be an additional character played by none other than Linda Hamilton showing up in Stranger Things Season 5. One might wonder if she will be able to survive Hawkins given it’s current state, but who knows? Newly introduced characters in Stranger Things follow the trend of death at some point in the season. No source has been able to confirm the exact character she will be playing, although it may be nice to leave some surprise. Based on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the Duffer brothers said that the characters will be coming at us hot, completely throwing us off guard of how we’d normally see them. The teen characters are all at pivotal/transitional stages in terms of age and are all driven by their own personal goals. At the same time, it will be nice to see how the various relationships at their final form within the group (Eleven & Mike, Max & Lucas, Nancy and Steve/Jonathan). What about Maya Hawke’s character Robin? Maya Hawkes recently said on a Yahoo! Entertainment interview that she’s not sure about having “her love life the center” of her character, but does think it’s a beautiful thing to see as well .The only people who know her fate is the Duffer Brothers which is why this is even up for speculation. As always, more to discover, and more to know!

SAG-AFTRA, strike

Writer’s/Actor’s Strike

The actors and writers strike has created a great impact in television right now, including the franchise’s filming process. . The meaning of the strike very much impacts the brothers and is the main reason as to why there is a delay to the filming, which probably would be wrapping up right about now had it gone according to schedule. Despite the delay, The Duffer Bros have promised no AI will be used to de-age the characters.

It’s an End of an Era – Let’s Sit With It

Series finales always leave a bittersweet taste at the end, but how will fans actually react to it’s wrap up? More importantly, how will this end? Will’s personal life is specifically focused on, which may make viewers and fans assume he has a lot to lose. On the other hand, maybe the Duffer brothers are throwing us in for a loop, wanting us to solely focus on Will, when perhaps another character is more at stake? There, some free mind-bursting questions, you’re welcome. Some interesting information was spilled on the “Happy, Sad, Confused Podcast” in mid-August when David Harbour said that based on his reading of the script, the season’s last episode is emotional and is “bigger than anything we’ve done in the past”. As if things couldn’t possibly get more touching, our very own Millie Bobby Brown discusses how she feels like she’s grown up on the set of Stranger Things and it as if she is attending her school graduation ceremony.

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