JoBlo Friday Night Flicks Live Stream Returns!

Tonight! Join Kier Gomes on JoBlo Originals on YouTube (also on Rumble) for our latest Friday Night Flicks Live Stream at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST.

The OFFICIAL JoBlo Originals’ Live Stream, Friday Night Flicks with Kier Gomes, is back! And now, there are more ways than ever to watch it! You can see the show on our JoBlo Originals channel (or via the embed above), and over on our RUMBLE channelTONIGHT at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.

So, what’s Kier going to talk about this time? Well, given that this week sees the release of Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F on Netflix, Kier is going all in on a series retrospective and will be ranking the movies (Axel F included). We’ll also be giving away a copy of the classic 1984 original on UHD Blu-ray disc! So, if you’ve checked out the film and you want to have your say, make sure to watch live tonight at 8ET/5PT. We’re very excited to get these livestream shows going, and as always, we need your support! We’ll also be talking about those Superman set pic leaks which have fans freaking out over how weird Green Lantern looks.

What else would you like to hear Kier weigh in on the Live Stream tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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