Interview: Ti West, Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Debicki, and More Talk MaXXXine
Interview: Ti West, Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Debicki, and More Talk MaXXXine

We talk with Ti West, Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Debicki, Giancarlo Esposito, and Moses Sumney Talk MaXXXine starring Mia Goth

It was thrilling the first time I witnessed Ti West’s X. It was a fun slasher flick that offered a refreshing take on the sub-genre. And then came Pearl. Here we are, a surprise double feature that stood high above most horror sequels. And now there is MaXXXine. The modern fright fest is the third collaboration between the amazing Mia Goth and Mr. West is a gift. I went into the third film wondering if it would connect as the trailer wasn’t what I expected. Thankfully, it was better than anticipated. The latest adventures of MaXXXine Minx (Goth) is a dream with an incredible atmospheric journey into the dark side of Hollywood in the 80’s. Amazing flick! While I dug it a bit more than our own Chris Bumbray did – you can read his take here – but I highly recommend going in as cold as possible.

A few days ago, I stopped by the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood. I even picked up a kick ass Lemmy shirt, so that’s cool. I also happened to chat with a few of the talented team that brought MaXXXine to life. Unfortunately, the brilliant and Academy Award worthy, Mia Goth, couldn’t make it due to production issues. That said, all those in attendance were a blast to chat with at this rock and roll inspired location. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, you might want to check the iconic Rainbow to get a taste of Hollywood.

First up, I sat down with Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Debicki to talk about the film. Aside from me shamefully forgetting the last name of Amy Holden Jones and mixing it up with the writer of Slumber Party Massacre, Rita Mae Brown, it was a terrific conversation. The talented Ms. Debicki discussed taking on her role as an ambitious director in the new film. And she’s great. Speaking of great, Mr. Bacon once again proves why he is a legend. And what I love about Mr. Bacon, he truly embraces horror, and he even claimed he seeks it out. No wonder why the man is so damn cool.

Finally, we sat down with Ti West, Giancarlo Esposito, and Moses Sumney. I truly admire Ti West’s work, and it’s always a joy to chat with him. In fact, this is by far, my favorite modern horror trilogy. Perhaps even of all-time. It works and it deserves a whole lot of acclaim. During our conversation, I talked with all three of these fine talents about creating this film. For the incredible Esposito, he talked about being a part of this fantastic project and it was thrilling to listen to him.

MaXXXine opens this Friday and it’s an utter blast! I dug the hell out of this flick, and I’m looking forward to doing a triple feature with X, Pearl, and the latest ASAP.

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