Interview: Josh Lucas discusses the shark thriller The Black Demon

We chat with Josh Lucas about his new Giant Shark thriller The Black Demon. We get into filming on a practical oil rig and more!

The giant shark known as the Megalodon has seen quite the resurgence thanks to films like 2018’s The Meg. Usually destined to the SyFy channel, we’ve been lucky enough to see some of these silly aquatic thrillers make their way to cinemas. The Black Demon may just be the silliest of the lot, featuring a Megalodon out to take out an oil rig that’s poisoning the water. And the only person that can stop this prehistoric beast is someone I had the fortune of chatting with recently. Josh Lucas stars as Paul Sturges and he had plenty of interesting things to say about both The Black Demon, as well why the Marvel films have disappointed him lately. All this and more in the video embedded above!

Our own Cody Hamman reviewed the film here and seemed to have a fun time, despite its mediocrity. It certainly doesn’t break any new ground but if you’re going in for some giant shark entertainment, you get plenty of that. I know I was grinning like a dummy by the end.

The Black Demon plot:

Josh Lucas (Ford v Ferrari, Yellowstone) stars in this edge-of-your-seat action thriller from the director of Rambo: Last Blood. Oilman Paul Sturges’ (Lucas) idyllic family vacation turns into a nightmare when they encounter a ferocious megalodon shark that will stop at nothing to protect its territory. Stranded and under constant attack, Paul and his family must somehow find a way to get his family back to shore alive before it strikes again in this epic battle between humans and nature.

Are you interested in seeing some giant shark action on the big screen? Or will you just wait for Meg 2: The Trench? Let us know in the comments!

The Black Demon is IN THEATERS APRIL 28th, 2023.

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