Hulu can now be accessed on Disney+

After beta testing the merging of the two streaming apps, Disney+ officially launches Hulu on its platform as the company hopes to reel in new subscribers.

The merging of the streaming apps Hulu and Disney+ is complete. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Disney+ has now launched Hulu out of beta with a marketing push as the company wishes to attract more subscribers. The platform now has the ability to view the slate of Hulu’s content or consolidate the shows and films if you are a subscriber of the Disney bundle. Joe Earley, president of direct-to-consumer for Disney Entertainment, has stated, “Its whole goal is to make happier subscribers and healthier subscribers, provide them convenience, deeper engagement, better retention, and increase the value of the Disney bundle for our subscribers.”

The combining of the apps started beta testing late last year where some parts of Hulu could be accessed from Disney+ for bundle subscribers. Now, both are fully integrated, and executives are touting a bevy of technical steps needed to enable the move. Aaron LaBerge, who is the president & CTO for Disney Entertainment & ESPN, outlined the tech ingenuity, “This launch really represents the most extensive technical advancement to Disney+ and our entire streaming platform since we launched Disney+ over four years ago. Our teams have had to reimagine and redesign many core aspects of our platform. We completely redefined the way that we manage our video assets, integrating our libraries and improving quality. We shipped an entirely new content management system that delivers capabilities for editorial and programming teams to merchandise and promote our content with much more flexibility.”

Hulu and Disney+ bundle subscribers will have the benefit of scrolling through all of the content from both platforms for their viewing pleasure, while those who only subscribe to Disney+ without Hulu are only able to search through Hulu shows with the option to upgrade to the bundle. If you click on a Hulu show, you will be prompted to purchase the upgrade before the show plays on the app.

Earley adds, “We started out primarily focusing on the bundled subscribers and how this is going to increase their engagement and reduce the friction for them. But as you saw, there’s also three in-app entry points for those standalone Disney+ subscribers who want to upgrade to the bundle so that they can unlock all of this together.”

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