Dead and Breakfast: Dermot Mulroney stars in horror thriller

Production has wrapped on the horror thriller Dead and Breakfast, starring Dermot Mulroney of Scream VI and Anyone but You

Close on the heels of his performances in the slasher Scream VI and the hit romantic comedy Anyone but You, Dermot Mulroney has just wrapped production on a new horror thriller called Dead and Breakfast. This one is coming our way from the Las Vegas-based production companies Beno Films and Al Bravo Films, but filming took place in Little Rock, Arkansas. Deadline got their hands on a pair of first-look images from Dead and Breakfast, and you can check those out in this article.

Written and directed by Loppo JP Martinez, Dead and Breakfast follows five petty criminals who rob a pawn shop in Kansas City. Still, on their drive back to Little Rock, an unexpected engine failure forces them to stay in a bed & breakfast in the middle of nowhere where their plan quickly derails into a bloodbath. So no, in case you were wondering, this Dead and Breakfast doesn’t have anything to do with the musical zombie comedy Dead & Breakfast that was released in 2004.

Mulroney is joined in the cast by William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia), Chris Mullinax (Hell on the Border), and Texas Battle (Final Destination 3).

Dead and Breakfast is being produced by Eduard Osipov, Al Bravo, and RJ Collins. Michael Pizzimenti and Michelle Deppe co-produce for Al Bravo Films, in association with Fluffybear Media. Mulroney previously worked with Bravo on the revenge thriller Ruthless.

Mulroney’s other credits include Secret Invasion, Umma, Hanna, The Purge, The Righteous Gemstones, Arrested Development, Station 19, New Girl, American Horror Story, Insidious: Chapter 3, Stoker, The Grey, J. Edgar, Gracie, Zodiac, The Family Stone, The Wedding Date, Friends, About Schmidt, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Trigger Effect, Copycat, Bad Girls, The Thing Called Love, Point of No Return, Career Opportunities, Longtime Companion, Survival Quest, and much more (he has over 140 credits to his name). I have been a Dermot Mulroney fan since seeing his performance in the Western classic Young Guns when I was a kid, so I look forward to seeing how Dead and Breakfast turns out.

Are you a Dermot Mulroney fan, and does Dead and Breakfast sound interesting to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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