“Zionists’ Genocides, Wars, and Apartheids” A Riveting Exploration by Mario G. Rivera

UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned author Mario G. Rivera has unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Zionists’ Genocides, Wars, and Apartheids” – a riveting exploration into the complex web of global geopolitics and historical realities that have shaped nations. In this meticulously researched work, Rivera addresses pivotal issues such as sovereignty, war, racism, exploitation, and censorship, offering a fresh perspective through the lens of the United States Constitution.

The narrative takes a critical stance on the dangerous abridgements of Article One, asserting that these have given rise to a multifaceted tapestry of consequences. Rivera encourages readers to prioritize essential thinking over emotional fervor, emphasizing the need to break free from the “Indoctrination Full of Propaganda.”

Rivera’s commentary on foreign aid policies is timed impeccably with the release, as seen in the recent headline detailing Biden’s $100 billion foreign aid package. The author questions the allocation of funds, highlighting the apparent willingness to spend extensively on wars while domestic issues and the needs of the less fortunate remain neglected.

Throughout the pages of “Zionists’ Genocides, Wars, and Apartheids,” Rivera fearlessly challenges the status quo, shedding light on often-overlooked historical truths and the power dynamics that have influenced the world. Drawing wisdom from figures like Major-General Smedley Darlington Butler and Benjamin Freedman, Rivera raises poignant questions about the alleged influence of global Zionists’ in the creation and perpetuation of wars.

The narrative doesn’t shy away from critiquing both major political parties in the United States, asserting that the “American Hypocritical Oath” has fostered a pervasive culture of bloodshed and manipulation in the corridors of power. Rivera underscores the imperative for individuals to break free from indoctrination and embrace informed decision-making.

Delving into philosophical perspectives on happiness inspired by Aristotle and Plato, the book explores the impact of enduring ideologies like “Rothschild Zionism Tyranny”. It advocates for knowledge as a potent tool against indoctrination.

As readers navigate the pages of “Zionists’ Genocides, Wars, and Apartheids,” they confront the author’s concerns about the current state of the world. From anxieties about hatred, wars, and pollution to reflections on ongoing genocides in the Palestinian and Native American populations, Rivera urges a collective awakening and a shift towards a world where love triumphs over hate.

The book culminates with a stark reminder of the influence of propaganda in controlling populations. Rivera cautions readers to be vigilant, question everything, and resist the subtle manipulations of those cryptically referred to as “THEY.”

“Zionists’ Genocides, Wars, and Apartheids” transcends the realm of books; it is a compelling call to action, an exploration of inconvenient truths, and an invitation to challenge narratives shaping our world. Rivera’s powerful narrative beckons readers to engage critically, question boldly, and aspire to a world where love prevails over hate.

About the Author:

Mario G. Rivera, a 1972 graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa with a B.A. in Education, is a renowned poet featured in global compilations published by Random House in the UK. Beyond poetry, Rivera is an accomplished non-fiction writer, advocating for unity as a secular, pluralist, and pacifist individual. His work resonates on both sides of the Atlantic, reflecting a commitment to intellectual pursuits and a harmonious worldview.

“Zionists’ Genocides, Wars, and Apartheids” is now available on Amazon.


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