Una Trilogía de la Imaginación” and Wonder Valley Gallery

Autor Juliana Rugeles photo: Mauricio Paz.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the improbable and the fantastic!”

— Juliana Rugeles

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The talented Colombian artist, writer, publicist, and entrepreneur, Juliana Rugeles Díaz, with studies at Trinity College, Ireland, and MOMA in New York, is pleased to announce the official release of her first book in Spanish, “Cuentos y Versos: Una Trilogía de la Imaginación,” under the editorial of the Wonder Valley Gallery.

Rugeles ventures into the realm of the improbable and the fantastic, presenting two short stories and a poem that will weave unforgettable whispers into your imagination.

“Sin Memoria” immerses us in a world where amnesia governs the destinies of its inhabitants. Each dawn, memories vanish, sliding like tears into the river of consciousness. In this love-deprived environment, amid chaos and desolation, a young man becomes humanity’s last hope. In “La Curiosidad Mató al Gato,” the author leads us to a mysterious town, shrouded in shadows and secrets. The book culminates with “La Gota Azul,” a poem that glides like a drop of ink on a canvas of midnight.

You can find these literary pieces in Spanish on Amazon, available for all countries: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CQ4Q328M and also at the gallery: https://www.wondervalleygallery.com

The physical format of the book is suitable for all ages and will be available in paperback starting February 2024, along with translations into English and later into French.

Wonder Valley Gallery: More than an Art Gallery

The book’s launch coincides with the opening of Wonder Valley Gallery, a unique space that merges art, literature, and film. This gallery provides art lovers with the opportunity to explore the works of Juliana Rugeles Díaz, including her book. Currently, you can discover works by other prominent artists such as Ana Galvis, Mar Chaves, and Paulo Castro, as well as invited artists from around the world with a distinguished background, along with pieces suitable for collectors.

Wonder Valley Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and cultural platform in Cali, Colombia, in collaboration with the United States, whose purpose is to exhibit both emerging national and international artists and masters of contemporary and modern art. Also, from any country, you can enjoy, from home, free streaming film cycles as a cultural space. Founded and directed by Juliana Rugeles Díaz, the gallery aims to be a meeting point for art and literature enthusiasts, offering unique and enriching experiences.

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