Turning Life’s Transitions into “So What?” Moments Can Positively Answer the Question, “Now What?”

Barbara Fagan, author of So What Now What

New book So What, Now What offers Insights and Action Steps for Moving Forward After Setbacks and Transitions

By asking the important question ’Now what?’ we empower ourselves to move forward with focus and energy.”

— Barbara Fagan

HEALDSBURG, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s no secret that life can knock people for a loop a time or two when the unexpected happens in their lives or careers. But Barbara Fagan says with the right attitude and tools they can bounce back from such setbacks and challenges to craft a successful and fulfilling future.

“When we refuse to become overwhelmed by these inevitable transitions and look at what is truly important to us, we can choose how to respond,” she explains. “By asking the important question ’Now what?’ we empower ourselves to move forward with focus and energy.“

Fagan, founder of Source Point Training, shares her business savvy and passion for change with individuals and organizations across the globe. As a pioneer and sought-after professional coach, she developed a Professional Performance Coach Certification program that has certified more than 1,000 professional coaches with more than 100,000 clients across the U.S., and in Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

She is renowned worldwide for her “zaps of truth,” which help those she coaches get to the bottom line of what they really want in life.She has distilled her coaching insights and action steps into her new book, So What Now What: Designing the Next Chapter of Your Life. In it, she shares practical advice and inspiration for navigating life’s transitions and setbacks.

“There are some critical elements along the way of creating the change you want,” she says. “We need to regain confidence and clarity to navigate difficult decisions.”

The book provides a roadmap to help those who feel stuck to define their purpose, establish a vision and commit to change.

“My mission is to help people set a new course and a new identity to a fulfilling and joyful life,” she says. “We need to learn how to view transitions not as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth and transformation.”Among the other topics explored in the book, based on Fagan’s coaching, include:

• The fundamental steps to creating change

• Guidance on how to adapt to a new future

• Innovative strategies to help those feeling stuck move forward with confidence and resilience

• Tools to help them define their purpose, establish a vision and commit to change

“The opportunity to create a new future, even out of difficult circumstances, is available to all of us,” Fagan says. “By exploring our passions and priorities, we can uncover our true purpose and take meaningful action to achieving it.”


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