“THE TRUE DIVINE” By Paul Reaves A journey into Spiritual Enlightenment.

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“The True Divine” book is loaded with knowledge of your Divine existence. Exposes the wolves in sheep’s clothing. This shares what it means to live in the Divine power. It’s important for you to recognize the true beauty that resides within you.

This transformative work takes readers on an inspiring journey towards spiritual enlightenment, offering profound insights and guidance for those seeking a deeper connection to the divine within themselves and the universe.

The book invites readers to embark on a personal exploration, providing practical exercises, meditations, and reflections to aid in the understanding and application of the teachings presented. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual practitioner or new to the path, “The True Divine” offers a roadmap to navigate the complexities of modern life while staying connected to a higher purpose.

About the Author:

Paul Reaves, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. 63 years of age. A two time Cancer Survivor, and made it through three heart attacks. A retired aircraft welder and had many other job titles. He was in the Ministry of religion for several years. “Writing and sharing knowledge is my new job”, according to Paul Reaves.

Inspiring his fellow men to do and live better, is his passion. Paul’s goal is to bring understanding, joy and peace to his fellow men.

Per Paul’s perspective, “Loving you is easy because I know the divine beauty found in you.” Paul’s work resonates with readers from all walks of life, offering them practical tools to enhance their spiritual journey.

The True Divine is not just the only book that he wrote. He has four other books that can speak to all issues in which many folks are dealing with.

As a call in guest for the last three years I participate in a once a week community Radio show. This show finds solutions for the things that pledges our community. Prior to this radio show I participated back in the 90s for five years with the Amos Brown radio show, dealing with the same issues that we have today.

His previous promotional activities:

He participated back in the 90s for five years with the Amos Brown radio show.

A call guest once a week in a community Radio show for the last three years.

Paul recently participated in a Prime Seven Media Spotlight interview with Logan Crawford and answered questions about his book, ‘The True Divine’.

Logan Crawford TV Interview Link: https://youtu.be/MPxjO9Lt2ig

Paul Reaves would be happy to consult with any readers and can be reach on his website: https://thofta.com/

The state of this world serves as his muse! Paul Reaves explain, “Once I’ve disseminated the wisdom of Our Divine, it falls upon all of us to take up the mantle of reestablishing the serenity and happiness that is universally sought.”

Words for his readers:

We all have RIGHTS THAT NO MAN CAN GIVE OR TAKE AWAY FROM ANY OF US! You have the SPIRITUAL RIGHT to know and understand the DIVINE POWER THAT HAS BEEN PLACED IN ALL OF US. Unfortunately religion has placed blinders on our hearts and minds. (FEAR) This word is how they continue to keep control of us. These entities and organizations are responsible for enforcing the fear place on us by their religion. Government and Corporations. My books speaks directly to these issues. BE-LIE-VE: I NEED YOU TO KNOW!

If you are interested in buying his book, just visit amazon.com or you may click this link: https://www.amazon.com/True-Divine-Paul-Reaves-ebook/dp/B092LM2MY1/ref

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THE TRUE DIVINE on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

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