The novel “Journey to the Prize” is set to inspire courage through a journey of friendship and faith of two young men

Journey to the Prize

Karl Peterson

The qualification of “Journey to the Prize” by Karl Peterson as a Book to Hollywood movie script is currently on the line

“Journey to the Prize” by Karl Peterson was featured in an interview with Benji Cole of CBS Radio

Citi of Books

A story of two young gentlemen who accept a dangerous mission to save a friend’s cousin at Germany after the appointment of the Nazi party leader.

Alex told me we may not be able to leave Germany the same way we came. We may have to escape somehow. That may involve crossing the border without being seen.”

— excerpt from the book

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA, June 4, 2024 / — Step into a world of peril and heroism with Karl Peterson‘s captivating novel, “Journey to the Prize.” Published by Citi of Books, this enthralling story whisks readers away on an adventure that celebrates the power of faith and friendship in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Peterson’s fictional narrative has garnered well-deserved recognition. The book received praise from Philip Zozzaro of The US Review of Books, who commended the compelling narrative centered around Manny Guzman. Additionally, the novel was chosen for display at the prestigious LA Times Festival of Books, a testament to its quality and audience appeal.

Karl Peterson, a 69-year-old resident of Wanamassa, New Jersey, who enjoys hiking, stamp collecting, and traveling, penned the novel “Journey to the Prize.” The novel is dedicated to a deceased friend and martyrs.

 “Journey to the Prize” centers around a young man named Manny Guzman, who lives on a ranch and raises horses. Manny and his friend embark on a perilous mission to Germany in 1933 to assist Alex’s cousin, Alois Dorman, a research scientist in peril.

 Alois, forced to work on a potentially disastrous project by the Nazis, desperately requires their assistance to deliver a copy of the project to the right hands. The novel explores whether Alois will prevail in his endeavors.

 The book provides an insightful story that is similar to the parable in the Bible, “David and Goliath,” with the presence of historical context, in which the novel is set in 1933 Germany and Paraguay. The story delves into a period of rising Nazi regiments. Manny and his friend, likely ordinary people, are thrust into a dangerous situation against the Nazis. This suggests a potential theme of defying authority and the courage of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

 Furthermore, “Journey to the Prize” also showcases friendship, faith, and loyalty upon facing the mission. They cannot trust everyone, as the people around them might be puppets to the powerful persecution. These insights and uncertainties suggest a story exploring themes of courage, friendship, and the fight against oppression in a dark historical setting.

The book’s journey doesn’t end there as it is a potential silver screen story. A captivating trailer, along with Movie Script coverage and treatment, hint at a possible big-screen adaptation, bringing this thrilling story to life for an even wider audience.

Peterson’s book was also featured in Benji Cole’s CBS Radio interview wherein they talked about the inspiration and in depth of the author’s journey of writing this book. To listen to the interview, click here:

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Karl Peterson with Benji Cole from CBS Radio – CITI OF BOOKS

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