The Lens Scales for Impact
The Lens Scales for Impact

Moore Foundation supports The Lens’ growth as the definitive open global innovation resource

Moore Foundation supports The Lens’ growth as the definitive open global innovation resource.

Tackling complex, global challenges requires finding new pathways to progress. By connecting research to patent information, The Lens accelerates innovation for the common good.”

— Dr Harvey Fineberg, President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, June 14, 2024 / — Cambia today announced a major grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to enhance global reach of its flagship project The Lens, as it becomes the pre-eminent free and open, multi-lingual, non-surveilled resource to explore and understand worldwide research and innovation knowledge.

This grant supports Cambia to explore strategic alliances and to recruit a new generation of leadership as it spins-out The Lens, enabling both public and private sector to improve their effectiveness at solving critical problems.

The Lens currently ingests, harmonizes and serves almost all research publications and patents worldwide, with 270M+ scholarly works, 155M+ patents, using open metadata to create a rich human-centered experience and is building a new type of dynamic platform to allow domain-experts to create living innovation landscapes of pathways to solve problems, using science and technology.

“We are seeing the rapid demise of our supportive ecosystems – biological, economic and social. Science alone isn’t enough to get us out of this mess. Complementary capabilities in academia, business, government and civil society must be identified, incentivized and coordinated through mapping the challenges and pathways to their solutions,” said Richard Jefferson, Cambia Founder and Director of The Lens project.

“Misinformation and a disregard for evidence are compromising human progress and even survival. The Lens is committed to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can opt-out of surveillance culture, and have a private, non-surveilled, cost-free facility – in their own language – to find and share the most credible knowledge from science, industry and government.

With The Lens’ robust, tested revenue model, Lens Equitable Access Program (LEAP), the sustainable provision of the global open public resource is financed through institutional licensing of new tools and functionalities that enable business, government, academia and civil society to advance their missions – all at low cost, using open data that puts the institutions in control of their own work.

In the coming months, the Cambia Board, led by its Founder, will be seeking a new generation of visionary, experienced and passionate leadership with skills to scale a major project. Cambia will also open a call for expressions of interest from mission-aligned institutions with the resources, ambition and global scale to invest in and/or acquire and host the Lens project, while Cambia itself pivots to its scientific roots in biological innovation systems.

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