“The Bird and the Bees of Money” Equips Children with Essential Financial Literacy

Equips Children with Essential Financial Literacy.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Renowned authors Don Meyer and Rowan Pennington launch a groundbreaking series dedicated to empowering young minds with vital financial literacy. Titled The Birds and Bees of Money, this comprehensive three-book collection addresses the critical gap in traditional education systems by imparting fundamental money management skills to children and teenagers.

Amidst a global pandemic, Meyer was driven by the absence of financial education in schools and sought to provide his own children with a strong financial foundation. “Most school systems neglect money and investing concepts, grooming students to become efficient workers but leaving them ill-prepared for financial independence,” Meyer expressed.

The Birds and Bees of Money is a collaborative family project that seamlessly intertwines core money principles with real-world applications such as entrepreneurship and real estate investing. Meyer’s daughter also contributed invaluable insights, fostering a dynamic learning experience for readers.

The series is meticulously designed to cater to different age groups. Book 1 caters to pre-teens, focusing on money basics and the importance of savings—a prerequisite before opening their first bank account. Book 2 introduces teenagers to investment concepts, crucial for informed financial decisions. Finally, Book 3 delves into advanced investment strategies and navigating instruments like 401ks, catering to those entering the workforce.

Meyer emphasizes the significance of early financial education: “Teaching kids about saving and investing instills lifelong habits and opens doors to financial freedom.” The series encourages parents to lead by example, nurturing their children’s financial acumen from an early age.

The Birds and Bees of Money aims to alter the financial trajectory of future generations, steering them away from living paycheck to paycheck and towards a secure financial future. By instilling the values of financial responsibility and savvy investment early on, the series promises to equip young readers with the tools to thrive in an ever-evolving economic landscape.

The Birds and Bees of Money be a gratifying and insightful book that will resonate with readers regardless of age. The book is available now on AMAZON.

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