Stichis Offers Practical Tips to Overcoming a Specific Dysfunction in “I Am Copasetic”
Stichis Offers Practical Tips to Overcoming a Specific Dysfunction in “I Am Copasetic”

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2024 / — Men facing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction know the toll it takes on their sex life and overall well-being. Author Stichis, who has walked this path himself, offers a lifeline in I Am Copasetic. This book aims to help those seeking freedom from these challenges. It is filled with useful strategies to help them reclaim control and achieve a truly fulfilling life.

Stichis, originally from Ghana, now calls Baltimore, Maryland, home. His personal journey of overcoming sexual dysfunction is chronicled in this book, published by PageTurner Press and Media. The word copasetic in the title, often used as copacetic, means “highly satisfactory,” reflecting his transformation after his successful search for answers.

Quick and easy to read, this book is full of practical and actionable solutions that empower men to overcome these sexual dysfunctions. The author emphasizes the importance of knowledge and education in dealing with these issues. For him, ignorance ruled in the absence of knowledge. He argues that research and understanding the root causes are crucial in the search for change.

I Am Copasetic delves beyond the physical. It explores the emotional and psychological aspects often overlooked. The author outlines some effective techniques focused on behavior modification. He proposes understanding the power of information, which underlines the importance of breaking free from ignorance by learning the rules, principles, and laws of righteousness related to sexual health. He also suggests maintaining a healthy lifestyle, mastering breathing techniques, and other helpful and proven strategies.

In this book, the author offers more than just a guide to sexual health. It is an opportunity to find the path to a happy and lasting relationship. By addressing the primary causes and adopting positive behaviors, men can achieve not just satisfying sexual activities but contentment in all aspects of life. Learn from Stichis’ experience and discover practical tools to achieve a truly copacetic life. I Am Copasetic is available at

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