‘Save the Trees’ Shows the Whole Family How to Mobilize to Eradicate Invasive Plants

‘Save the Trees’ by Leslie Eva Tayloe

written by Leslie Eva Tayloe; illustrated by Lintang Pandu Pratiwi; on sale April 11, 2024

This marvelous book not only teaches kids about trees and ecological concepts such as invasive species, but also promotes the use of our five senses. . . . A great addition to any child’s library!”

— Margaret “Canopymeg” Lowman, National Geographic Explorer and author

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brandylane Publishers, Inc. of Richmond, Virginia, is excited to announce the release of a new children’s picture book, ‘Save the Trees,’ written by Leslie Eva Tayloe and illustrated by Lintang Pandu Pratiwi.

All throughout Virginia, an invasive species of plant has taken root: kudzu, “the vine that ate the South.” Ever since the 1930s, when the Soil Conservation Service encouraged its planting as a method of preventing erosion, it has been spreading rapidly over the existing native vegetation, turning acres of woodland into swaths of green. It clings to every tree, covering it so thoroughly that it prevents sunlight from reaching its host—and slowly starving the underlying tree of nutrients.

Worse, kudzu is just one of many invasive species that can kill trees and other native plant life; other species like privet, English ivy, and Japanese honeysuckle also contribute to the problem. That’s why, throughout Virginia and surrounding areas, organizations and programs have been established to confront this issue. In Fairfax County; Washington, DC; Richmond; and elsewhere, groups like the Invasive Management Area Volunteer Program, the Rock Creek Weed Warriors, and the James River Park System Invasive Plant Task Force offer opportunities for volunteers to help rid their communities of these harmful species. And now, Virginia author Leslie Eva Tayloe has written a children’s book to teach families about this important topic—and maybe prompt them to join one of the volunteer opportunities in their area.

The book—now also a Junior Library Guild selection—features Ronnie, a precocious kid who is determined to save his town’s trees from invasive vines. But he can’t do it alone! When he and his best friend Leona learn that the non-native plants are slowly creeping over and suffocating the local trees, the pair quickly get to work tearing them down.

Still, pulling down vines and uprooting weeds is tiring work for anyone, much less two kids still in elementary school. So, the pair come up with a plan to recruit others to help them accomplish the daunting task of clearing the vines from the trees—and, when that group of volunteers gets tired too, yet another plan! Over the course of one extraordinary summer, Ronnie and Leona will combat not only invasive vines, but their own community’s exhaustion and ennui. And in the process, they’ll convince everyone there’s only one way to save the trees: together!

Showcasing the power of persistence, and featuring vibrant illustrations to inspire kids and parents alike to save the trees in their own communities, ‘Save the Trees’ is scheduled for release on April 11, 2024.

‘Ronnie loves trees. So when strange vines appear all over town, strangling the trees and making them fall over, he jumps into action right away! But Ronnie’s just one kid, and even with friends and family helping to pick, pull, and pluck the vines, they just grow faster every day! If he really wants to save the trees, Ronnie will have to get the whole town to help out . . . before it’s too late!’

‘About the Author’

Leslie Eva Tayloe holds a master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Maryland. She is a former analyst with the federal government and has worked as a substitute teacher for elementary school-aged children. Her inspiration for writing comes from her personal life experiences; her debut picture book, ‘I’m Fishing with Pop-Pop Today’ (2022), captures the story of her grandson fishing with his pop-pop.

Leslie resides in the Virginia countryside with her partner Michael, two cats, a dog, a large fishing pond, and over twenty-five species of trees. Besides writing, she enjoys reading and crafting. Readers can learn more about her at leslieevatayloe.com.

‘About the Illustrator’

Lintang Pandu Pratiwi was born in Indonesia and has worked for many years as a professional illustrator, creating many picture books for various publishers and clients. Through her studio, Taranggana, Lintang has been published throughout America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan.

Lintang loves art and nature and is inspired by the nostalgia of childhood innocence and beautiful countryside. Her parents, Widayati Sri Wulandari and Mudjab Widjaya, are her biggest inspirations in life. Having their everlasting and continuing support has provided her with good examples of how to live her life and be successful in her own way.

Interviews available upon request.

Brandylane Publishers, Inc. is an independent press located in Richmond, Virginia, that has published books since 1985.

‘Save the Trees’ (hardcover, 34 pages, $26.95 / paperback, 34 pages, $15.95) is available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine booksellers.

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