Robert V Mungerson Launches Thrilling Crime Series with “The Girl with One Arm” and “The Cabdriver Strikes Back”

Unraveling Midwest Mysteries: Robert V Mungerson’s Debut Crime Series

UNITED STATES, March 14, 2024 / — Author Robert V Mungerson debuts with an electrifying crime series that promises to enthrall readers with its gripping narratives and complex characters. The first installment, “The Girl with One Arm,” sets the stage for a thrilling ride through the murky underworld of a large US Midwest city.

In this debut novel, readers are introduced to Lee Alexander, a cabdriver who finds himself thrust into a web of intrigue when a fellow driver is murdered. As Lee delves deeper into the investigation, he forms an unlikely alliance with the deceased’s girlfriend, the titular character, who seeks answers amidst a backdrop of high-profile crime and corruption. With twists and turns at every corner, Mungerson crafts a tale that exposes the underbelly of society while keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

The Cabdriver Strikes Back,” the second installment in the Lee Alexander series, continues the adrenaline-fueled journey with even more complexity and suspense. Lee Alexander, accompanied by his girlfriend Jackie Willow, finds himself embroiled in a whirlwind of kidnappings, blackmail, and murder cases, all while navigating the labyrinth of government agencies, foreign suspects, and espionage.

Mungerson’s background as a lifelong resident of the Midwest United States lends authenticity to the gritty realism of his narratives, drawing readers into a world of politics, corruption, and media reporting. Through his books, Mungerson invites readers to examine various subjects, ideas, and attitudes while delivering heart-pounding entertainment.

“I wanted to write about subjects and topics that I have observed in a fictional setting,” says Mungerson. “My primary goal is to engage readers with thrilling stories while encouraging them to reflect on deeper themes.”

Both “The Girl with One Arm” and “The Cabdriver Strikes Back” are now available for purchase in the United States and the United Kingdom. Join Lee Alexander on his exhilarating journey through the dark underbelly of society, where nothing is as it seems, and danger lurks around every corner.

About the Author:

Robert V Mungerson is an author with a keen eye for suspense and intrigue. A lifelong resident of the Midwest United States, Mungerson draws inspiration from his surroundings to craft compelling narratives that captivate readers from start to finish. With a background in politics, corruption, and media reporting, Mungerson brings a unique perspective to the crime genre, blending thrilling storytelling with thought-provoking themes. “The Girl with One Arm” and “The Cabdriver Strikes Back” mark the beginning of an exciting new series that promises to leave readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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