Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe Celebrates His 30-Year Career in Journalism

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe: celebrates A Royal Journey from Radio to Renowned Journalism and TV Hosting

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe: celebrates A Royal Journey from Radio to Renowned Journalism and TV Hosting

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 27, 2024 / — editor, TV host, and German Prince, His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe was born in Salzburg, Europe. His first gig in journalism was conducting radio interviews at local charities for an established radio anchor who aired his segments at the tender age of 16.

“It was such an amazing jump right into journalism, I interviewed politicians, police officers, charity mavens, and business people”, Prince Mario-Max remembers, “It was beyond cool. I loved working with the radio!”. He aired one ORF, the government broadcasting network. Later on also on Antenne Salzburg, OE24, the webcast of Tageszeitung Oesterreich.

Prince Mario-Max graduated with three master’s degrees and a doctorate of law. When Prince Mario-Max studied law, one summer brought a significant academy to his life. He was accepted to the publishing summer school of the NEWS magazine media group in Vienna. This group became a huge success within Gruner und Jahr, a Bertelsman Randomhouse media venture. “I did stories about Anna Nicole Smith, one of the last interviews of legendary Maria Schell, sister of Oscar Winner Maximilian Schell, Reese Witherspoon, and Claudia Schiffers H&M fashion story”, the German Prince recalls. He loved it, learned from industry fixtures, and moved on to the new editorial team of WOMAN magazine, which expanded from Vienna to become a huge German magazine then. “The charity ladies’ story with the President’s wife, my mother Dr. Princess Antonia, and other top ladies was a dream come true, a big and golden magazine story”. Christina Lugner, the wife of Opernball icon Richard Lugner, hosted a TV Show on Sat1 Pro7 media Austria called Puls4 and aired Prince Mario-Max as an expert commentator.

Soon, he had his own show Astro Royal on the German network Astro TV. “I love Astro Royal, true news about Royals and Royalty told by a Prince, my father Prince Waldemar and mother Princess Antonia as guests, topics the world is interested in”, Prince Mario-Max adds, “but only facts; I never did gossip in more than a decade!”

The show was going strong and Prince Mario-Max got all the fun sidekicks of a successful television host. He presented a teleshopping line for the same network with 11 fragrances with cool names like Wealth or Love that turned bestsellers, and he also presented jewelry and scented candles. “The teleshopping hosting is fun but challenging: you have your earpiece and present products for hours in a row, while the producer presents you the lines in a headset whilst you deliver them on live television!”. Celebrity Big Brother of Endemol, TV documentaries, serial segments, and docu-soaps on RTL, SBS6, IT.V, Endemol, ATV and ORF followed.

Prince Mario-Max even wrote a book about gut feeling and that you should always trust your instinct for Penguin Books, a Randomhouse Publishing company. The Prince also published his own magazine called Trendsetter and had a column at Ask a New Yorker.

Once moving to the USA, the Prince continued airing Astro Royal from his new base in Hollywood, California, and began writing for and Zeitblatt magazine. And then a new app by Hubert Burda Media hit: BunteNow was a joint venture of Germany’s largest media group with SE Axel Springer media, the infamous group of the controversial tabloid Bild Zeitung of Friede Springer. He interviewed the most interesting people at the Grammy’s, Emmy’s, and Oscar parties. Prince Mario-Max also appeared for expert opinions on networks like Fox, ABC, BRAVO, CBS, and NBC.

“Being in Journalism for 3 decades, you get around, and I love serious and great reporting”, Prince Mario-Max expresses his approach to journalism. “Because of my birth as the son of Dr. Princess Antonia and Prince Waldemar Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe, I get written up myself occasionally, and I always wish every colleague would be as cool, fair, and correct like my fellow members and friends of the LA Press Club, The Television Academy who do the Emmy’s, the Bundesverband Schauspiel Germany or the OEJC Austrian Journalists Club Vienna”, Prince Mario-Max explains, “as we dedicate our work to serious reporting and balanced fact-finding!”

The Prince is always inspired by the work of his parents: “My mother Dr. Princess Antonia loves to attend the Reporterforum and is a superb investigative journalist. My father Prince Waldemar wrote and photographed the most amazing books about his mother’s family, the Royal House of Denmark”.

Prince Mario-Max reports for and, hosts syndicated Television news, and produces documentaries. He is currently working on new journalism awards to point out the best and the worst in the industry.

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