New Collection of Novels at The Maple Staple Illuminate the Spectrum of Human Conditions Through Diverse Genres

The Bully

The Silence

Edafos: Divine Wind

Three Sisters: Divine Appointments

Bête Brune (Brown Beast): The Saga of Judith Sanders (Volume 1)

Various authors offer insightful explorations into human relationships and societal challenges in their latest releases.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 27, 2024 / — In an enlightening addition to contemporary literature, authors Wiley K. March, Howard Jones, Robin Crimbley, and Kim Hester present readers with a collection of works that delve into the intricacies of human conditions and relationships through a variety of narrative lenses.

Spanning genres from parenting and relationships to literature, fiction, mystery, thriller, and action-adventure, these books offer a panoramic view of the resilience of the human spirit and the diverse routes traversed in the journey of life.

“The Bully” by Wiley K. March sets the stage with its intimate look into the raw and often painful realities of human life, portraying the tumultuous journey of Carissa Locke.

From abandonment and abuse to the brink of legal turmoil, Carissa’s story is a vivid exploration of the human condition, where the lines between victim and perpetrator blur in the shadows of past traumas. Set against the backdrop of a lifelong friendship tested by violence and betrayal, March crafts a narrative that is as harrowing as it is enlightening, pushing readers to confront the complexities of forgiveness and the chains of a troubled past.

Wiley K. March’s background as a CEO, author, public speaker, and advocate for victims of abuse and human trafficking informs her storytelling, imbuing it with a sense of truth and fervor, and further colors the narrative with authenticity and passion. Her journey from a storyteller for her siblings to a voice for the voiceless reflects in the depth and gravity of her writing, making the book a compelling discourse on survival, the quest for justice, and the complex web of human relationships. By exposing the harsh realities of a fight-or-die world, March invites readers to reflect on their own perceptions of strength, vulnerability, and the capacity for change.

Transitioning from the personal struggles within a domestic setting, “The Silence” by the same author, Wiley K. March, takes a turn towards the internal battlegrounds of personal trauma and redemption.

This novel shifts the lens to a chilling exploration of the scars left by war, not on the battlefield, but within the confines of the mind, embodied in the character of Billy, a once unyielding soldier now grappling with the shadows of his past and the specters of his mind. His story unfolds as a descent into a psychological abyss, where the echoes of war and personal turmoil blur the lines between reality and nightmare.

The author, Wiley K. March captures the essence of a man torn between duty and the haunting memories of war, a narrative that navigates through the complexities of guilt, identity, and the search for redemption. Through her multifaceted life experiences, from her advocacy work to her personal journey of resilience, March lends a profound depth to Billy’s character, allowing readers to traverse the fragile boundaries of his mind.

This novel is a thought-provoking exploration of the mental and emotional toll of warfare, the struggle for identity amidst chaos, and the quest for peace in a mind besieged by horrors. March’s storytelling proves to be a powerful vehicle for examining the depths of human suffering and resilience, offering a narrative that is both haunting and deeply moving.

The journey then expands into the fantastical realm of “Edafos” by Howard Jones, where peace is a fragile veneer over simmering tensions.

Set against the backdrop of the mythical continent of Cardia, within the vast realm of Edafos, this narrative embarks on an epic journey through a world painstakingly rebuilt from the ashes of a three-century-long war. The peace that now blankets Cardia is fragile, threatened by the resurgence of corrupt rulers and religious turmoil. At the heart of this story is a young boy, destined to conquer, yet defiant against the legacy of violence and domination that his predecessors have left behind.

Howard Jones, drawing from the vibrant culture and storytelling traditions of the US Virgin Islands, infuses his book with a sense of wonder and an unyielding quest for growth. His background in experimenting with various fiction genres lends a unique depth to the narrative, crafting a world where the fantastical elements of Asian fantasy, the innovations of steampunk, and the speculative visions of sci-fi converge. This amalgamation not only captivates the imagination but also serves as a fertile ground for exploring themes of power, faith, and the human spirit’s indomitable will to choose its path.

As the narrative journey continues, “Three Sisters: Divine Appointments” by Robin Crimbley offers a unique blend of mystery, suspense, and spiritual exploration.

This sequel to “Three Sisters: The Beginning” continues the extraordinary journey of Casey, Kara, and Corrine Trinity, three middle school girls who find themselves stepping into their God-ordained destinies, and explores the intricacies of faith, the power of divine intervention, and the strength found in unity.

The mundane world of middle school life is juxtaposed with the divine, as the Trinity sisters navigate the challenges of adolescence with the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ. This story is not just about their individual growth but also about their collective journey towards understanding the roles they have been chosen to play.

Robin L. Crimbley, herself a middle school language arts and history teacher, brings a wealth of experience and insight into the lives of young adolescents. Her passion for teaching and her deep faith are evident in the way she crafts her characters—each with their unique struggles and triumphs, yet all under the same divine watch. Crimbley masterfully weaves a tale that transcends the typical mystery and suspense genre, embedding it with themes of faith, purpose, and divine timing.

Concluding the exploration, “Bête Brune (Brown Beast): The Saga of Judith Sanders” by Kim Hester transports readers into a world of a woman who, against a canvas of conflict and despair, manages to uphold her ideals, her femininity, and her love.

The story is told through the eyes of Judith Sanders, a diplomat living amidst the chaos of a war-torn Middle East. As she confronts the hostility and prejudices of a culture that stands against everything she represents, Sanders showcases an unwavering commitment to her principles, her femininity, and her love for her husband. It follows her personal journey with the broader geopolitical conflicts, offering readers a nuanced view of the challenges and triumphs of diplomacy in a conflict zone.

Kim Hester, drawing from his extensive experiences traversing the Middle Eastern deserts and South Pacific jungles, brings authenticity and depth to the narrative. His background as an ex-Marine, coupled with his academic and teaching stints at prestigious institutions, informs his storytelling with a rare blend of realism and insight. Hester’s firsthand knowledge of diverse cultures enriches the novel, making it not only a story of individual resilience but also a commentary on the power of human connections across cultural divides.

Residing in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Hester’s life, filled with hobbies such as cycling, hiking, camping, and gardening, reflects his deep appreciation for nature and adventure, elements that vividly animate his writing. A member of American Mensa, Hester’s intellectual prowess is evident in the complexity and richness of his characters and plot development.

Together, these novels offer a panoramic view of the human condition, from the battles fought within the confines of the mind to the epic struggles that define entire realms. Through varied genres and unique storytelling, each author contributes to a broader conversation on the essence of human relationships and the unyielding spirit that drives individuals to seek connection, redemption, and purpose.

This eclectic collection is now available at The Maple Staple bookstore, both in-store and on the Digital Bookstore, affirming the bookstore’s dedication to promoting thought-provoking literature that inspires empathy and intellectual exploration, reflection, and discussion.

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