New Chapter in Self-Help Literature Opens as SUCCESS DISMISSED Redefines Personal Greatness

Success Dismissed

Maryam Golchoobian

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2024 / — In a culture demanding conformity, author Maryam Golchoobian has unleashed an unconventional self-help book titled “SUCCESS DISMISSED by Personal Stories.” This insightful work emphasizes the power of personal stories of everyday people in redefining success and greatness rather than considering one-size-fits-all definitions. It further explores the concepts of self-worth and identity based on the current (social media) trends and their potential detrimental consequences for youth and society in general.

“SUCCESS DISMISSED by Personal Stories” invites readers to redefine the controversial concepts and popular trends by empowering their personal narratives.

Reviewers and critics find “SUCCESS DISMISSED” profoundly inspiring and thought-provoking, highlighting the book’s refreshing emphasis on authenticity over accolades and its celebration of everyday heroism in personal narratives. Here is some early feedback:

“Golchoobian proves that the most compelling stories are often hidden in the quiet corners of everyday life. ‘SUCCESS DISMISSED’ celebrates these narratives over the traditional trappings of glamour and fame.” – Sheri Hoyte, Managing Editor, Reader Views

“Forget the search for high-profile endorsements; “SUCCESS DISMISSED” is a testament to the power of uncelebrated lives. Golchoobian captures the heart of what it truly means to be successful, one personal story at a time.” – Terri S., Reviewer, Book Blogger

“Maryam Golchoobian’s “SUCCESS DISMISSED” reminds us that glamour isn’t a prerequisite for an inspiring story. It’s a book for those who find profound wisdom in the simplicity of authentic, personal narratives.” – Susan Violante, Managing Director, Reader Views

“SUCCESS DISMISSED” was published on Amazon on April 23, 2024, and with no publisher or marketing team, it ambitiously pushes boundaries and challenges the commonly accepted measures of success and greatness.

It is available in both digital and print formats on Amazon or through third-party sellers.

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