Longtime People Leader, Certified Coach Says Professionals Can Find New Meaning at Work by Investing in Growing Others

Matt Dickerson

Valued: The Six Coaching Habits That Turn Subject Matter Experts Into Enthusiastic Talent Developers

Author Matt Dickerson’s bestseller Valued offers readers a prescription for “a more fulfilling career that is better aligned to their core values”

It’s never too late to become a valued leader dedicated to transforming lives and finding your value through investing in others.”

— Matt Dickerson

TREVOR, WI, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The next generation of business leaders that can light a life-changing fire under those they lead must first have one lit under themselves, according to certified coach Matt Dickerson. The challenge for them, and those who seek to equip them, is that they shed their preconceived negative notions about people leadership and learn to embrace it as an avenue to finding new levels of professional fulfillment.

“Intentionally investing into others’ development could lead to a more fulfilling career that is better aligned to their core values,” explains Dickerson, coaching practice leader for The Catalyst Effect and founder/owner of Coaching for Clarity. “As we say at the Catalyst Effect, leadership is not about title or authority; it’s about making everyone around you better.

“The good news is that when you invest in people development, that drives business results, too.”

Dickerson has identified six coaching habits that can transform the best and the brightest performers into enthusiastic and inspirational developers of those who lead the best and the brightest.

They include being

• curious and caring
• humbly self-confident
• advocates for growth
• role models
• actively engaged
• and results-oriented.

Not only does he identify these critical habits, but he seeks to make them applicable by identifying the key beliefs behind them and how they may be perceived by others.

“All team members have leadership capabilities and deserve to be developed and nurtured,” Dickerson explains. “The great thing about helping others get there is the flywheel effect that helps you grow beyond what you imagined was possible in your own career.

Dickerson has captured his insights into doing that in his new book, Valued: The Six Coaching Habits to Turn Subject Matter Experts into Enthusiastic Talent Developers. It’s informed by his own experience as a longtime middle-manager turned coach of others.

“Valued not only showcases the importance of investing in others, but also equips you with new ways to make that happen,” he says. “You’ll be inspired to consider career paths that have seemed insurmountable before—people-leadership positions where you can make a significant impact by nurturing and developing the talents and skills of your team members.

“It’s never too late to become a valued leader dedicated to transforming lives and finding your value through investing in others.”
The results, he adds, can transform the lives and careers of those who follow them.

“Followers don’t follow people who are absent of vision,” Dickerson says. “Followers don’t follow unless they are convinced that following will have benefits for them.

“Most critically, followers follow those they believe truly care about them and their professional goals. Inspiring and creating leaders with that skill set is what my method and my book are designed to do.”

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