Jason Nyback Surpassed ,800,000 In Facebook Ad Spend And Receives Amazing Reviews

By surpassing $2,800,000 in Facebook ad spend – Jason has proven client acquisition can be done at scale & as a result has received incredible client reviews

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jason Nyback, (Potential Awakens, LLC.), has now surpassed $2,800,000 in Facebook ad spend for his coaching business since 2020 for his business that teaches coaches how to attract clients using ads.

This is a very important benchmark for Jason Nyback and the coaching industry as a whole. This milestone shows that Jason Nyback knows how to run Facebook ads at a very high level, how to scale ad accounts, and how to do it profitably.

This is also a major achievement for the coaching/consulting industry as it shows that this level of advertising to get coaching clients is possible.

Most coaches in the industry are stuck focusing on only getting clients using outdated marketing tactics, such as networking with their contacts, or posting on social media. While those strategies work, meaning they can get clients, they are extremely time consuming and very hard to scale up.

The vast majority of coaches within the coaching/consulting industry are not looking to become full-time “content creators” or “social media” experts. They simply want to focus on helping clients that they attract.

By profitably spending $2,800,000, and having his ads seen (impressions) by 22,400,000 people, Jason Nyback has proven that scaling Facebook ads to attract coaching clients is possible.

Jason Nyback also has a following of over 138,000 people online through his webinar subscribers, Linkedin connections, Facebook group, Facebook business page, and personal page. However, the main focus has been to attract new clients through ads.

The biggest result of Jason having spent over $2,800,000 on Facebook ads within the coaching/consulting industry is that Jason’s coaching clients have access to the most cutting edge training based on real world results.

Jason Nyback and his team at Potential Awakens LLC. take what they are learning from spending so much money on ads and teach it to their coaching clients. This allows them to know what to do based on real data versus just theory that is taught by others who don’t have this level of experience.

What’s Next For Jason Nyback?

Jason Nyback and his team are currently on track to spend around $1,000,000 in this calendar year on Facebook ads. They are going to continue to test hundreds of variables to figure out what the best practices are for attracting clients online, and then they will continue to teach these strategies to their coaching clients who continue to give them great client reviews.

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