Interactive Q&A Bilingual Book Introduces Middle-Grade Readers and Animal Lovers to the Fascinating World of Mammals

The bilingual edition of Mammals Unlocked will be released March 5, 2024

A sample page from Mammals Unlocked Bilingual

Learn surprising mammal facts through a simple Q&A format

A sample page from Mammals Unlocked Bilingual

Read the question, take your guess, then turn the page to read the answer!

Discover fun facts and quiz yourself on mammal biology in both English and Spanish with the first book in the “Open Earth” series

The author is an expert at asking interesting questions. Reading this book is like taking a journey with Sherlock Holmes through the world of mammals.”

— David L. Hu, Ph.D., author of The P Word: A Manual for Mammals

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2024 / — From the depths of the oceans to the tops of mountains, the mammal class spans one of the widest ranges in the animal kingdom. Science Naturally is proud to publish the newest children’s book by Dia L. Michels: Mammals Unlocked / Mamíferos descubiertos. This is the first bilingual English/Spanish book in a dynamic new series, Open Earth / Tierra abierta, and a great introduction to natural science that every curious kid is sure to love!

Dia L. Michels, award-winning author of This Is How I Grow and If My Mom Were a Platypus, returns with another title that explores the wide world of mammals. Perfect for upper elementary and middle school readers, Mammals Unlocked / Mamíferos descubiertos serves as a transitional step away from basic animal facts and toward a deeper, scientific understanding of class Mammalia. Written in a question-and-answer format, each question sets up a thought-provoking, fact-filled response, sure to satisfy any curious child.

David L. Hu, Ph.D., author of How to Walk on Water and Climb Up Walls and The P Word: A Manual for Mammals, says, “I’ve always thought that questions are more important than answers, and the author is an expert at asking interesting questions. Reading this book is like taking a journey with Sherlock Holmes through the world of mammals.”

Mammals Unlocked / Mamíferos descubiertos is great for those who love fun facts. Guaranteed to stump even the most passionate mammal fans, these incisive questions are gateways to exploring the world of mammals even deeper. Each page is a stepping stone to wider concepts in the animal kingdom. Not only does it cover familiar farm animals, but Mammals Unlocked / Mamíferos descubiertos also introduces readers to little-known species around the world, such as the rock hyrax or the saola. However, even the most common mammals teach interesting and valuable lessons that can be applied to many other species.

Filled with stunningly realistic art from Bonnie Hofkin, animals leap off the page and draw the reader into their world. Designed like a field manual, the book guides the audience through different mammal habitats, exploring the unique qualities of the animals that live within. From the barnyard to the rainforest to the ocean, no stone is left unturned.

Originally published in English, Mammals Unlocked has already won the Creative Child 2024 Book of the Year Award and has been praised by numerous professionals in the field. The new bilingual edition of the book is a great introduction to the wacky and wonderful world of mammals and can be enjoyed in two languages! Perfect for middle-grade English Language Learners or ESL students, with every page in both English and Spanish.

Don E. Wilson, Curator Emeritus of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, says, “This fun, fact-filled book unlocks for you the fascinating worlds of a large number of mammals on many different continents in a variety of habitats. Read, enjoy, learn, and then amaze your friends with your newfound knowledge about our many mammalian relatives!”

Dia L. Michels is an award-winning science and parenting writer who has authored or edited over a dozen books for children and adults. While her topics include science and math books for middle-grade students, her passion is promoting attachment parenting and supporting breastfeeding. A popular speaker, she lectures frequently at conferences, universities, libraries, and schools nationwide. The mother of three grown children, she lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., with five cats and a dog. She can be reached at [email protected].

Growing up in the home of a physician, Bonnie Hofkin’s first picture books and early readers were medical journals and anatomy texts. With her interest in the human body thus igniting a lifelong love of art, she first obtained a BA in commercial illustration, followed by a master’s degree in medical illustration. Subsequently, she embarked on a 40+ year career as a freelance illustrator. Still going strong, her unique style, which combines an eye for accuracy and visual appeal with a classical look reminiscent of the great Renaissance masters, is instantly recognizable.

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Mammals Unlocked / Mamíferos descubiertos

Ages 8–12 • 6 x 9” • 256 Pages

Hardback ($18.95): ISBN: 978-1-958629-30-7

eBook ($13.99): ISBN: 978-1-958629-16-1

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