Zero to Sixty in Sixty Years: A Bipolar Success Story by John Lee Martin

The Garden of Tumbling Stones: A Personal Journey into Garden Design by Sylvia Farrer-Bornarth

Journeys by Karl Hicken

Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication by Ruth Lindeck Forman

Visit with your Heart and not your Eyes by Sylvia Handy

Front and center on Inks & Bindings’ curated selection, five diverse literary gems are set to grace the much regarded Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024.

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 19, 2024 / — In collaboration with Inks and Bindings, writers John Lee Martin, Sylvia Farrer-Bornarth, Karl Hicken, Ruth Lindeck Forman, and Sylvia Handy are ready to charm literary enthusiasts at the widely anticipated Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024. With their striking accounts, informative guidebooks, and empowering musings, these seasoned storytellers ferry the audience to worlds of spiritual awakening, contemplation, and personal change.

Recounting a life journey shaped by adversity, resilience, and ultimately, triumph, John Lee Martin bares his soul in his poignant memoir, “Zero to Sixty in Sixty Years: A Bipolar Success Story.” Martin’s early life was heavily influenced by the complications of his family dynamics and made more difficult by his struggle with bipolar disorder. This presented him with significant obstacles as he tried to navigate a turbulent environment.

His account opens with a sobering incident at his wife’s 50th class reunion, where Martin is faced with the prejudice of another attendee. This unexpected event prompts Martin to contemplate the challenging path that has led him to this point. However, amid the gloom, Martin discovers a glimmer of hope. With unwavering determination and resilience, he rises above despair to create a life brimming with joy, peace, and fulfillment. Zero to Sixty in Sixty Years: A Bipolar Success Story” is a testament to the power of perseverance and resilience. John Lee Martin’s tell-all shines a light of inspiration for those facing mental illness, family dysfunction, or personal challenges. It delivers a gentle reminder that even during darkness, there is always the anticipation of a fresh beginning.

Honoring the timeless appeal of gardening and the remarkable ability to shape nature’s splendor, Sylvia Farrer-Bornarth offers a pathway to the enchanting art of garden design with her latest book, “The Garden of Tumbling Stones”: A Personal Journey into Garden Design.” From petite garden plots to expansive landscapes, she eloquently illustrates how every garden, regardless of size, holds the potential to serve as a haven for the soul.

With her personal experience in garden design, Sylvia Farrer-Bornarth shares her story of cultivating lush green sanctuaries, inspiring readers to embark on their own botanical adventures and foster stronger bonds with the environment. With its vivid imagery and captivating prose, “The Garden of Tumbling Stones”: A Personal Journey into Garden Design” goes beyond being just a guidebook. It becomes a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of nature and the transformative power of gardening. Whether one is a seasoned horticulturist or a novice with a newfound interest in cultivation, this book promises to kindle a fervent passion for gardening and inspire the creation of personal sanctuaries brimming with natural beauty.

Painting a vivid tableau of the human journey through his evocative verses, poet Karl Hicken stitches together a poetic anthology titled “Journeys.” Every entry, with its numerical sequence, takes readers on a deep journey through emotions and memories. From the innocence of youth to the intricacies of grown-up life, Hicken’s poetry resonates with a raw and genuine quality that encapsulates the core of shared human experience.

With lyrical grace and meticulous attention to detail, Hicken masterfully depicts the transition from boyhood to manhood, delving into the enchanted landscapes of childhood where fears and aspirations intertwine. Amidst the shadows of the past, he illuminates moments of tender nostalgia and profound homage to the enduring strength of familial ties. Karl Hicken’s exploration of the human condition in “Journeys” transcends the boundaries of a typical poetry collection, capturing the full range of triumphs and trials that define our existence. Each poem is a sincere and personal conversation with a close friend, encouraging readers to explore their own inner thoughts and emotions and discover a sense of connection in the universal human story.

With an eye toward promoting positive, thoughtful, and comprehensive communication on a global scale, seasoned communication specialist Ruth Lindeck Forman presents her ground-breaking manual, “Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication.” In its pages, Forman presents a novel approach that combines personal stories, scientific discoveries, and cultural awareness to promote well-being, courtesy, and a feeling of community.

This book delves into the essence of human interaction in four comprehensive sections, emphasizing soulful connections and compassionate communication. In the first portion, “Soul to Soul Connection,” Forman explains source connection and her IBMDR Technique to overcome internal and external well-being barriers. She then discusses “Soul to Soul Communication,” which offers tremendous tools for personal and virtual contact. The final segment, “Soul to Soul Intercultural Communication,” emphasizes variety and cultural awareness. Finally, the Appendix details Forman’s life in Nevis, West Indies, and medical struggles. A roadmap to a more fulfilling and compassionate life, “Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication” is more than a book. By championing self-worth, kindness, and inclusivity, Ruth Lindeck Forman inspires readers to create positive communication environments and embrace the richness of human diversity.

Delivering a powerful reminder about the transformative impact of genuine care and support for those facing challenging times amidst the prevailing superficiality of the world, Sylvia Handy unveils her newest literary offering, “Visit with your Heart and not your Eyes.” With a focus on heartfelt storytelling and personal reflections, she sheds light on the power of small acts of kindness and genuine presence for those facing difficult circumstances.

The book explores the idea that genuine assistance goes beyond simply being there physically; it comes from a place of sincere care and concern. She believes that by tapping into our creativity and thinking outside the box, we can find unique ways to bring comfort and support to those going through tough times. Through her compelling narrative, Handy emphasizes the life-changing potential of simple acts of kindness driven by authentic empathy and compassion. Sylvia Handy’s “Visit with your Heart and not your Eyes” is a beautiful reminder of the power of compassion and empathy. These qualities have the ability to connect people across boundaries and bring joy to both the person giving and the person receiving.

Celebrate the revolutionary force of literature, sparking passions, prompting thought, and urging metamorphosis. These five works will be among the meticulously curated selection of Inks and Bindings that will enthrall audiences at the eagerly awaited Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024. Drop by Booth 182 in the Gold Zone at the University of Southern California on April 20 and 21 to aboard a literary voyage. Browse the official website of Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024 to know more about the latest event updates. Check out copies in all formats on Amazon and other leading online book retailers worldwide.

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