Hui House by Yumeng Li Wins Bronze in A’ Culture Awards
Hui House by Yumeng Li Wins Bronze in A’ Culture Awards

Hui House

Yumeng Li’s Hui House Recognized for Excellence in Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design

COMO, CO, ITALY, July 5, 2024 / — The A’ Design Award, a highly respected and well-recognized award in the field of cultural heritage design, has announced Yumeng Li‘s Hui House as the Bronze winner in the Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design category. This prestigious recognition highlights the significance of Hui House within the cultural heritage industry, positioning it as an outstanding example of innovative design that preserves and promotes cultural heritage.

Hui House’s recognition by the A’ Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award underscores its relevance to the current needs and trends within the cultural heritage industry. The design aligns with industry standards and practices, offering practical benefits for users, the industry, and other stakeholders. By showcasing the importance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage through innovative design, Hui House demonstrates the value of such projects for the broader community.

Hui House stands out for its unique approach to depicting Hui-style architecture, a fading heritage in China that verifies the cultural integration dating back millennia. Each page of the art book showcases comprehensive yet digestible information, and when overlaid, they transform into a delicate 3D Hui-style panorama. This innovative design not only unveils architectural details with spatial reference and proportionality but also immerses the audience in the misty Hui regional cultural landscape.

The recognition of Hui House by the A’ Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award serves as motivation for Yumeng Li and the team to continue striving for excellence and innovation in their future projects. This achievement may inspire further exploration and preservation of cultural heritage through innovative design approaches, fostering a greater appreciation for the importance of such projects within the industry and beyond.

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About International Association of Hui Art & Studies

Pear and Mulberry, a design technology brand, features a print and media department dedicated to publishing contemporary reinterpreted vintage Chinese art books, fostering cross-cultural exchange. It specializes in limited-edition publications for exhibitions and collaborates with local cultural preservation institutions and libraries. This initiative aims to safeguard cultural heritage.

About Bronze A’ Design Award

The Bronze A’ Design Award recognizes designs that demonstrate a high level of creativity, practicality, and potential to positively influence industry standards in the Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design category. Winning designs are acknowledged for their professional execution, innovative use of materials and technology, and ability to enhance people’s lives and well-being. The rigorous selection process involves blind peer review by a panel of design professionals, cultural heritage industry experts, journalists, and academics who evaluate entries based on pre-established criteria such as historical significance, cultural authenticity, design innovation, respect for tradition, adaptive reuse, interpretation of heritage, community engagement, preservation techniques, sustainable practices, educational value, accessibility enhancement, economic impact, inclusivity promotion, heritage conservation, technological integration, artistic merit, architectural excellence, social relevance, contextual sensitivity, and stakeholder involvement.

About A’ Design Award

The A’ Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award is a prestigious international competition that provides a platform for participants to showcase their creativity and gain recognition for their innovative contributions to the culture industry. Entries from around the world are blind peer-reviewed and voted on by a world-class influential and expert jury panel of design professionals, cultural heritage industry professionals, journalists, academics, and designers based on pre-established evaluation criteria. The A’ Design Award aims to recognize and promote superior products and projects that advance and benefit society, driven by a philanthropic mission to enhance the world through the power of good design. By celebrating remarkable achievements and showcasing pioneering designs on an international stage, the A’ Design Award inspires and drives forward the cycle of innovation and advancement. Interested parties may learn more about the A’ Design Awards, explore jury members, view past laureates, and participate with their projects at:

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