Guide Book Helps Readers Take “One Step to Happiness”

One Step to Happiness

Ken Davies

Ken Davies

Ken Davies shares Christian lessons to tap the joy of faith and humility

KETTERING, UNITED KINGDOM, June 1, 2023/ — UNITED KINGDOM,Ken Davies invites his readers to take “One Step to Happiness,” with a guidebook detailing an alternative approach to a happy life that transcends fame and fortune. While these may be satisfying to some people, Davies asserts that the blessing of joy gained from faith in God gives the soul blessings of an entirely different class. And he shows his readers how to attain this joy.

Davies explains that Christ radiated joy while serving the people of his day. Success and happiness was not measured by accruing personal or individual wealth. He healed and preached but did not take pride in his abilities to do so. With his guide book, Davies warns of the dangers of pride, how it can spoil relationships and even split churches. He shows how healing can be attained through humility, though paradoxically this is often overlooked due to its quiet nature. Those who heal without boasting will go unnoticed even if their gifts are invaluable and bless so many lives. The paradox is then how to make a positive impact without becoming too big for one’s britches. This is what Davies tries to reconcile.

In the book, readers will find examples of toxic pride, and how proud behavior adversely impacts everyone. They will also find counterexamples of how humility can be applied in life to benefit one’s self and others. Here, Davies links deep spirituality with practicality, so readers can obtain a proper understanding of how theology can be applied practically in our everyday lives. He shows that how we treat others, through thought word and deed, reflects the influence of our faith.

“How do you recognize pride? What does humility look like?” one may ask. Davies offers answers derived from scripture and human experience. He shows the consequences of pride and the benefits of humility, providing readers with encouragement to continue their journey of self-development and growth.

About the Author

Ken Davies is a father of two children and has been married for five decades. A retired statistician who worked for Unilever Research, he continues to be active in church where he has worked with children, teens, men, musicians and leaders. With his wife Guinette, he has led workshops on understanding people to help improve relationships in church and at home. He has been interviewed by Kate Delaney.

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