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Magical stories of courage, friendship, and adventure dominate the front page of The Maple Staple Spotlight Shelf

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 27, 2024 / — Descending into a realm of boundless escapades and enduring wisdom, five esteemed storytellers present their vivid masterpieces poised to captivate audiences across generations. Within this thoughtfully curated collection of five literary gems, readers are promised an immersive experience filled with enjoyment, knowledge, and limitless creativity from start to finish.

Author James C. Lyon takes readers of all ages on an engaging adventure in his newest book, “The Lonely Dragon.” This enchanting tale combines the elements of understanding, sacrifice, and the transformative power of friendship as it follows the magical journey of a solitary dragon and a brave young boy.

A wealthy dragon resides in a cave high up on a mountain, enveloped by infinite treasures of jewels and gold. Despite his wealth, the dragon carries the weight of solitude, longing for a companion to appreciate it. At the mountain’s foot, a village grapples with poverty and adversity, where lives Olyn, a young and empathetic boy. He daringly faces the dragon and uncovers the village’s troubles. His determination and bravery are tested as he climbs the dangerous mountain. Eventually, he realizes that the dragon, despite its intimidating appearance, yearns for friendship and empathy. James C. Lyon’s “The Lonely Dragon” is a riveting read that beautifully portrays the power of real bonds and kindness. Through vivid descriptions and lovable characters, the book reminds the audience of the true value found in our relationships and the empathy one extends to others.

Poised to deliver a poignant and heartfelt story about love and courage, storyteller Bevis Hanson introduces young audiences to her latest literary offering, “Something Grabbed Me.” This touching narrative centers around a young boy who struggles with fear and his mother’s unfailing love, which eventually turns into a source of comfort and strength.

Set in a world where fear lurks in the shadows, a little boy finds himself paralyzed by an all-encompassing terror. As the fear takes hold, his mother’s steadfast love emerges as a ray of hope and strength. “Something Grabbed Me” is a poignant exploration of a mother’s powerful love and the reassurance it provides in times of uncertainty. Bevis Hanson’s evocative storytelling and vivid illustrations bring to life a captivating narrative that deeply connects with young readers and parents alike, serving as a reminder of the lasting influence of family bonds and the ease of feeling loved and safe.

A magical world of the forest awaits in Sharon McCann’s charming new release, “How the Fire Fly Got Its Light.” This delightful story unfolds as Marty, a common everyday fly who lives among his bug buddies, learns about the power inside him and embarks on a mission to find his unique assignment from Mother Nature.

At the heart of the forest, Marty shares his daily life with an array of bug friends, each assigned specific tasks bestowed by Mother Nature herself. He notices his peers actively fulfilling their roles, leading him to the realization that everyone has a distinctive purpose, while he feels left out. Marty embarks on a quest to find Mother Nature and discover the special task she has for him, filled with curiosity and motivation. With her imaginative artworks and heartwarming narratives, author Sharon McCann transports readers into a whimsical realm where nature’s wonders come alive. Through Marty’s journey of self-discovery in “How the Fire Fly Got Its Light,” McCann beautifully celebrates the uniqueness of individuals and the significance of embracing one’s own special talents.

Opening the door to a thrilling escapade filled with friendship, courage, and unforeseen obstacles, author Rita H. Joyce presents her latest masterpiece, “The Adventures of Johnny Peppertoes.” Central to this enthralling journey is Johnny Ashton, who comes across concealed secrets, faces unanticipated challenges, and uncovers the true importance of camaraderie and bravery.

The story kicks off when a hidden jump rope sends Johnny falling into prickly blackberry bushes. He soon finds himself caught up in a series of unanticipated incidents, one of which involves a dramatic incident at the mill. This event propels Johnny and his father into an exhilarating rescue mission. As he befriends immigrant Irish brothers, Tom and Nathan O’Reilly, the story explores cultural awareness and acceptance. During the Plainsville Independence Day celebration, the trio gets tangled up in a dangerous situation. Johnny, also known as “Peppertoes,” must face his biggest fear to rescue the town. Rita H. Joyce’s “The Adventures of Johnny Peppertoes” goes beyond being a simple magical tale and instead becomes a joyous tribute to resilience, cultural understanding, strength, and friendship.

Magnifying the true essence of Christmas, Margaret Tutor shares a heartwarming tale of ingenuity and affection in her latest book. “A-Make-Do-Christmas” chronicles the exciting quest of Mary Jane and Jerry, two young children determined to craft a unique Christmas celebration for their loved ones.

Faced with limited resources, Mary Jane and Jerry venture into the woods behind their house, driven to find the right Christmas tree. Selecting a scrawny tiny cedar tree, they plant it in a pail of soil, creating what they adoringly refer to as their “Christmas Dirt.” The two demonstrate their ingenuity by using homemade solutions for their makeshift Christmas. Transform brown paper bags into festive wrapping paper by coloring them with broken crayons, and use a homemade paste as an alternative to tape. Everything that glitters finds a spot on the tree, and one of the elder brothers, Bill, adds a gorgeous, sparkling star that completes the magnificent little Christmas tree. “A-Make-Do-Christmas” by Margaret Tutor takes the audience back to a simpler time when creativity and the spirit of giving shone brightest.

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