“Enrichment of the Self and Soul” presents the ways on how to harness the self in conjunction with spirituality

Enrichment Of The Self And Soul

Richard J. Choura


“Enrichment of the Self and Soul” by Richard J. Choura shows how people have enriched their souls to become more successful, spiritual, and satisfied in life.

Much of our everyday life seems to depend more and more on commitment to self and development of self-concepts.”

— excerpt from the book

MASSACHUSETTS, USA, February 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Enrichment of the Self and Soul” by Richard J. Choura is a product of the author’s dedication and passion. Author Reputation Press (AR Press) is honored to be the publisher of this insightful work.

Recently, Pacific Book Review reviewed and gave praise to this work as a notable book, which highlighted that:

“Choura writes how “this book empowers the reader to harness the power of self with spirituality so that they can find a deeper meaning in life that they are looking for in spirituality.” Make no mistake about it, this book goes deep. There’s no way to breeze through its 141 pages and expect to receive full benefit from it. Rather, expect to read certain passages slowly or a few times. These words are intended to be absorbed and then allowed to saturate the mind and soul of the reader.”

The US Review of Books also commended this book, which highlights:

“The author brings philosophical, scientific, and religious thought together in this masterfully written work that places the metaphysical in the forefront of thought concerning one’s comprehension of self and soul. The book is easy to comprehend, offering insight into the many aspects of what it means to be human and attain knowledge of self. Using the works of poets and philosophers, the author brings to light past thinking on the subject of self and marries it with modern thought and scientific understanding of the world. There are sections of the book that one may find initially confusing if not accustomed to reading philosophy and poetry, but the author does fully explain the concepts, so readers will find the book informative with plenty of references to find further reading on the subject. For anyone searching for meaning in the modern world, this one offers a solution.”

The author, Richard J. Choura, was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He is married and has two sons. He attended various universities and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. He later pursued graduate courses at the University of Hartford and the University of New Haven and attained the status of Professional Engineer.

He was interviewed by Kate Delaney of America Tonight, a prestigious radio show that broadcasts on numerous stations in the United States and has over 2.9 million listeners. To listen to the full interview, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXeK2diCINY.

He was also interviewed by Benji Cole of CBS Radio in the People of Distinction program. The said program is one of the most extensive and wide-ranging radio shows in the United States. Hosted by Benji Cole and Al Cole from CBS Radio, People of Distinction is the right fit for authors who want to increase their exposure to readers. The radio program airs on Apple’s iTunes Radio Network (Professional News/Talk), featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, and C-Span. Listen to the interview below: https://youtu.be/zZ_gWoOWYb8

For more information, visit Richard Choura’s website at https://richardchoura.com/.

“Enrichment of the Self and Soul” presents new insights for improving yourself and your soul by bringing together spiritual thought and aesthetic vision with the holy, cultural, and scientific realms of knowledge.

As humans, we often become trapped in circumstances where we are unable to discover or change our genuine selves. This is a matter that must be resolved at all costs.

It uncovers sources of inner abilities and outgrowths such as sacredness, symbols, epiphanies, and cosmic thinking, all of which have the potential to alter our view and enhance our level of spiritual awareness. It is remarkable in that it holds the spark of life. It broadens our personal and spiritual vision and “fills the voids of human life with light,” as they say.

This compelling book equips the reader with the capacity to harness the self in conjunction with spirituality in order to discover a deeper purpose in life that they have been searching for in spirituality. So, if you are yearning for a more profound spiritual meaning, this inspirational and influential book is the one you have been longing for.

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